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Kaley Cuoco glows in swimsuit for special occasion

Kaley Cuoco close up
Kaley Cuoco smiling at the 58th Grammy Awards. Pic credit: ©

Kaley Cuoco is stunning, all fresh-faced and in a sporty swimsuit as she makes it about someone else. The Big Bang Theory star continues to make headlines for the Season 2 release of HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, and her recent Instagram shout-out was to someone very much involved in the show.

Kaley posted last weekend to wish assistant Emma Ross a happy birthday – fans may remember Emma in the news earlier in the pandemic over “mushroom gate” as Kaley wound up throwing a fit after Emma accidentally added mushrooms to her salmon lunch.

Kaley Cuoco rocks a swimsuit in Iceland

All smiles in a gallery of throwbacks, Kaley posted photos of herself and Emma, ones that included snaps as the two worked on the thriller series first released in November 2020.

Kaley opened with a fun laugh as she and Emma snuggled for a close-up snap. Also included were the two enjoying drinks during a night out, plus a goofy video of Kaley jamming out in jeans as she prepped dinner in the kitchen, with Emma seen clapping along.

The swimwear action marked an Iceland stay, one taking Kaley out to the cold and wilderness to shoot The Flight Attendant. Here, Kaley and Emma rocked black swimsuits, with Kaley seen makeup-free and with her hair tied back as she held the camera for a cute thermal baths snap.

“Happy fricken birthday my queen!!!” Kaley opened, tagging Emma’s Instagram.

Emma, fast rising in popularity, has herself been sharing moments as the sitcom star’s assistant. The two appeared in a joking shot on Rome’s cobbled streets as they filmed TFA Season 1, with Emma here exaggerating the assistant role as she held a bag.

“Happy @flightattendantonmax Day! Heavy bags, but I’d do it again. #hbomax #mybosstookmetorome,” she wrote as Kaley stood nearby, holding a takeout coffee cup.

Kaley Cuoco gushes over assistant Emma

In her gushing caption on Sunday, Kaley continued:

“Wow the adventures we have been on. I truly wouldn’t be able to do anything without you. Who else can find me the exact toast I want in Iceland? Or the perfect mushroom less meal in Rome? Or strange high platform sneakers in Berlin? I adore you and recognize my life would be in shambles if you didn’t exist. In fact I probably should have had you write this post for me. Please send yourself flowers for your bday . You’re welcome .All my love.”

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