Kaia Gerber topless in bed talks toxic masculinity

Kaia Gerber close up
Kaia Gerber posed topless on a bed for a magazine shoot. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kaia Gerber posed topless as she lay in bed, looking ethereal on top of pink sheets and looking up at the camera with a calm expression on her face.

The model, and daughter of the famous model Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber, took part in a photoshoot for a magazine in which she was shown lounging around a house and having some fun in the backyard.

Kaia shared a photo of herself on the bed wearing lavender, silky pajama shorts, and what looked like purple underwear underneath.

Her brunette bob was behind her, messy from a pillow as she stared at the camera with not an eyebrow hair out of place.

Her makeup added to the light, airy feeling of the image, with light brown eyeshadow and a natural pink lipstick.

She hugged her arms around her chest and kept one knee up as she got comfortable.

Kaia Gerber interviewed by Flaunt magazine

Kaia was interviewed by Flaunt Magazine, with the publication sharing more images from the shoot on their Instagram page.

In one shot, Kaia stood in front of a wood fence, with cactuses behind her, looking like she was ready to attend the Burning Man festival.

She was topless, with a pair of black underwear peeking out, and covered herself up with a blanket featuring a few different materials.

Her brown hair was in natural, messy curls and her legs looked longer than ever as she stared at the camera, looking incredibly similar to her mother.

Another photo showed Kaia standing against a wooden fence with her arms up, wearing a white tank top with a skirt containing several different materials. She paired the ensemble with a dark green, oversized leather jacket, looking tres cool with her messy hair hanging down over one eye.

Kaia talks about toxic masculinity

Kaia opened up to the magazine about everything from acting and modeling to her feelings on Roe v. Wade and toxic masculinity.

Referring to the changes happening in society lately, she spoke about the vulnerability that is being invited into men’s worlds, and “and suddenly, we’re starting to see more space for it.”

She spoke a lot about masculinity, saying, “I think there’s also some ideas around toxic masculinity, which is important. That’s not to say masculinity is toxic in general.”

Kaia told the magazine that there has been a big effect on how masculinity is seen as slightly negative lately, saying, “I think maybe that’s when we overdo it, this bandwagon effect of, ‘All men are bad.'”

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