Kaia Gerber stuns shirtless in bra and blazer

Kaia Gerber
Kai Gerber glows with dewy skin and a glossy lip. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/AKPhoto/

Kaia Gerber‘s professional modeling career has taken her exceptionally far in life.

She’s so wrapped up in the world of beauty and fashion that it’s no surprise she knows how to dress.

The model recently re-posted an Instagram Story highlighting a stylish outfit she wore.

Whether Kaia is hitting the runway or posing for pictures on social media, she looks absolutely stunning.

Halley Brisker is the celebrity hairstylist who originally shared the post of Kaia.

Now, just about everyone can lay eyes on the sexy outfit worn by the stunning model.

Kaia Gerber wows in all black ensemble

Halley shared two photos of Kaia that are totally dripping with sultriness and power.

She added a caption that said, “Kaia – the coolest cat I know. Celebrating the launch of her collection with @Zara last night.”

Kaia Gerber in black
Pic credit: @HalleyBrisker/Instagram

Zara is a fashion brand that sells high-end clothing for women, men, and children.

People who are interested in buying jeans, tops, shoes, and other accessories can depend on Zara for their fashion needs.

Now that Kaia is collaborating with the brand, it makes sense that she’s modeling specific pieces.

In the re-posted Instagram story, Kaia paired a black bra with a black blazer.

Highlighting her toned figure and abs, Kaia chose not to wear a T-shirt over her bra.

Kaia Gerber is comfortable chilling in her underwear

Based on Kaia’s comfortability posing in a bra for her Zara collaboration, it’s already pretty obvious that she’s fine posing in her underwear.

In a thread she posted on Instagram, she chilled at home in a matching bra and underwear set.

The white cotton set is from the Calvin Klein collection.

In the first picture, Kaia faced away from the camera, lounging on a plush, white chair.

Her face wasn’t showing much of an expression, but she definitely looks relaxed and comfortable in her own skin.

The second photo in the thread included Kaia in an extended position, casually raising her arms above her head.

Three of her tattoos were exposed, including one on the side of her ribcage.

Her other two tattoos are located on her inner arm, where her bicep muscles are.

Since her tattoos are located on such low-key parts of her body, they might come as a surprise to some of her fans.

She shared a video as the third piece of content in the thread, stretching her body and showing off her curves while laying out on a rug.

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