Kaia Gerber goes lowkey in shorts and a sweatshirt to walk her dog

Kaia Gerber shows off her long lashes at a red carpet event.
Kaia Gerber stuns on a red carpet in gorgeous makeup. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kaia Gerber has been standing her ground and holding her own in the modeling industry. It’s certainly a tough industry to break into, but she’s been doing just fine.

At this point, it would be unfair to continually compare her to her supermodel mother, Cindy Crawford. Cindy might’ve paved the way, but Kaia has proven herself to be the real deal.

She’s been shining like a star in her own right, walking in high-end fashion shows for some of the top designers ever. She’s been compared to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Her career as a model has taken her so far that she looks like she is walking a runway in even her most casual moments.

She was recently spotted walking her dog in an outfit that was cute and comfortable. Without trying hard at all, she was looking like a total star.

Not long before that, she posted a thread of photos wearing items from her top-tier Zara collection.

Kaia Gerber looks amazing walking her dog

Kaia was spotted walking her small, fuzzy white puppy in an oversized sweater that was long enough to hide any short shorts she was wearing underneath.

The long-sleeved sweater was a light blue color that paired perfectly well with the dark blue vest she wore on top. The vest was simple enough, with large pockets on both sides of her chest.

Kaia Gerber walks her dog while wearing shorts.
Kaia Gerber struts her stuff in Los Angeles. Pic credit: SL, Terma / BACKGRID

Her lean thighs and legs were easy to see. She wore a pair of black Nike socks that covered her ankles with black sneakers. Kaia accessorized with a simple pair of black sunglasses while wearing her AirPods in her ears to listen to music, a podcast, or something else entirely.

The model wore her dark brown hair parted in the middle and pulled back and off her face. She appeared to maintain a fresh face without any makeup.

Kaia Gerber’s collaboration with Zara is fabulous

Kaia shared a series of photos wearing pieces of stylish clothing from her Zara collection. She collaborated with the highly popular brand to design dresses, shirts, blazers, slacks, skirts, and more.

In the first picture from her photo thread, she wore a black blazer that looked like it could belong in a men’s suit store. She paired the blazer with matching slacks that came together with a belt around her midsection.

The belt had a silver clasp in the center that shined through the opening of her blazer. Underneath, she wore a black bra that was slightly visible due to the angle of her body.

She wore her dark hair parted to the side as it blew in the wind around her face for the outdoor shot. She posed with both of her hands tucked into the pants of her slacks in an elegant way.

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