K. Michelle calls out Amber Rose over Bill Cosby death wish

K. Michelle in Dallas, Texas after a concert
K. Michelle took aim at Amber Rose over comments she’s made about Bill Cosby. Pic credit: @kmichellemusic/Instagram

Ever since Bill Cosby’s sentencing, Amber Rose has been very vocal about her feelings on Cosby’s assault conviction and what she hopes might happen to him. While many women may agree with her sentiments, it looks like K. Michelle is not on board and recently took aim at the SlutWalk founder, making it seem like she still believes in Cosby’s innocence.

It all started on Sunday afternoon when K. Michelle took to Twitter and took direct aim at Amber Rose. She wrote, “Annoying. You have no room to speak out on Bill Cosby or black man [sic] for that matter, being the only thing you’ve done is suck d**k.”

“They love to F*****G destroy our people, and y’all so gullible you sit there and help them!” K. Michelle continued.

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“I will speak. I will speak! God is my witness I give no f**ks!” K. Michelle continued. “I will the truth. Y’all know the truth! These mutha f**kas living in a bubble and selling candy and sex toys. Ain’t nobody got time 4that. We need the truth! Theses Lil girls growing up need the truth!”

K. Michelle’s rant is in response to Amber Rose, who recently earned some praise and a lot of ire after proclaiming that she hopes Bill Cosby dies. To be fair, it was in response to another comment suggesting that Cosby should die in prison, where Amber said she hopes that he serves his full sentence first before passing away.

The post has since been deleted but featured Bill Cosby’s mugshot along with the wish that he should die. Amber doubled down on her words and even clarified that she wanted Cosby to serve a full 10 years first after others on the internet were upset by her comments.

Amber explained what she meant in a second post, where she also defended her reasoning for deleting the photo.

“I’m wrong wishing death on him? FOH Stand up for a racist if ya’ll want to,” Amber wrote. “I said what the f**k I said. PS the only reason s**t was deleted on the last Bill Cosby post is cuz you can’t put our “pres” name and “die” in the same caption or FB will f**k ur algorithm up and I’ll be damned if I let two sexual predators f**k with my money.”

It was after that when K. Michelle took the time to address the situation on Twitter as seen above. While Amber Rose made it clear that she stands by what she said, she hasn’t responded to K. Michelle in the hours since her multi-tweet statement was made on Sunday.

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