Justin Bieber snuggles Hailey Bieber on a boat amid Selena Gomez drama

Hailey Bieber poses for a selfie.
Hailey Bieber enjoyed some swimsuit-clad snuggles with Justin Bieber. Pic credit: @haileybieber/Instagram

Hailey Bieber seemed to be avoiding adding to the recent drama that has surrounded her, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez as she soaked up some rays with her husband, Justin Bieber.

Proving that her marriage to Justin is as strong as ever, the pair could be seen working in snuggle time together during a boat ride.

Going to his personal social media page, Justin shared two snaps of himself and his wife of four and a half years as they escaped from reality and took time off.

Justin grinned while hugging his partner as a salmon-colored hoodie towel covered his head, his multiple chest tattoos visible above the orange mesh swim trunks.

Hailey’s face was largely concealed in the first photo as she draped her arm around Justin and closed her eyes, a neon-green bikini just seen on her top and bottom halves.

The second pic gave a better look at Hailey’s ensemble as the camera zoomed out farther, showing the top of her bikini wrapping low around her mid-back while an orange bucket hat perched on her head.

She and Justin appeared to be snoozing at this point of the capture, with Justin simply captioning the series with, “LUV U BABY.”

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner are allegedly caught up in an online feud

Justin’s share, and Hailey’s previous bikini-clad post shared by the model two days ago in which she wore the same lime-green two-piece, come after rumors began swirling of a feud brewing between Hailey and Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The drama began when Selena playfully updated her Instagram page, making fun of her own eyebrows, claiming she had over-laminated them on accident.

Not long after she uploaded the video, Kylie Jenner and Hailey seemingly mocked the star for her lack of shaping skills, with the pair posting a joint quip that alluded to singling out Selena.

According to Monsters and Critics, Kylie posted a story in which she typed the text “This was an accident ?????” right above her own eyebrows before she and Hailey jumped online together to zoom in on their eyebrows.

Both posts led many fans of Selena to believe that Hailey and Kylie were purposefully making fun of the Only Murders in the Building star.

Although PEOPLE later shared that Kylie allegedly addressed the drama by claiming that her post had nothing to do with Selena, adding that the accusations and assumptions were “silly,” Kylie has since lost followers on Instagram, dethroning her from her long-standing position as the top-fomonllowed celeb.

For her part, Hailey reportedly also denied shading Selena, though she has largely stayed quiet on the subject.

Despite the drama surrounding her, Hailey has not seemed to let the negativity take her away from continuing to post updates about her skincare line Rhode.

Hailey Bieber promotes Rhode skincare

Aside from dominating the runways with her modeling skills and grace, Hailey is also well-known by her followers for her skincare line Rhode.

Launching the brand just under one year ago, Hailey was quick to focus many of her Instagram posts on her line as she excitedly shared the news with fans that she was joining the ranks of other celebs who have started up their own brands.

In November, Hailey went with a stunning lingerie set to tell the populace that a brand new item was entering the Rhode collection.

Wearing a silky, rose-gold bra and underwear two-piece for her share, Hailey could be seen lying down alongside a cake and a tube of lip gloss.

The Peptide Lip Treatment in Vanilla Cake was apparently a nod to her November birthday, though the young model did not specifically notate the connection, choosing instead to allude to the lip treatment coming out in time for her big birthday bash to ring in turning 26.

While the Vanilla Cake scent currently looks to no longer be available on the Rhode site, other flavors listed include Watermelon Treat, Caramel Treat, and Unscented, with all three listed at just $16.

Hailey’s favorite glazing solution, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, is also for sale online, ringing up at $29.

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