Justin Bieber posed shirtless to celebrate Odell Beckham Jr’s birthday

close up of justin bieber's face
Justin Bieber posed shirtless at a Hollywood party. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/FS/AdMedia

Justin Bieber was not shy to show off his tattoed body while posing with Odell Beckham Jr at his exclusive 30th birthday party at Mother Wolf in Hollywood.

Despite standing next to the NFL wide receiver, Odell, who is known for his own incredible physique, Justin looked happy to be posing shirtless and has shown off his abs many times before.

He had arrived at the party wearing a Drew House Scribble hoodie from the unisex clothing line he co-founded in 2019 but shed that to take photos with the sports star.

Justin’s wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, looked as stunning as ever in a strapless blue tight-fitting ruched dress and high-heeled stilettos as she clutched his hand on arrival.

Justin wore a cute pink beanie, pulled down low over his forehead, and showed off the waistband of his white Calvin Klein underwear above a pair of black low-slung jeans.

His upper body looked toned and almost completely covered in various tattoos, contrasting with Odell. He was dressed in a more sophisticated style and had completely covered up his tattoos.

Odell wore a black sequinned jacket with a stand-up collar, and the sequins continued in a stripe down the sides of his smart black dress trousers.

He accessorized his birthday look with a diamond-studded watch and jewelry, including several earrings in his left ear. He finished off the ensemble with black sunglasses.

justin bieber and odell beckham jr smile together at birthday party
Pic credit: Backgrid

Odell Beckham Jr’s 100-watt smile

The LA Rams player recently launched a collaboration with the dental company Moon Oral Care of a limited edition platinum electric toothbrush.

He already takes good care of his perfect teeth, previously adding a silver grille on the lower set and sporting three large diamonds in the upper left section of his mouth.

Odell frequently posts images of him wearing a succession of stylish outfits on Instagram, often accompanied by his gorgeous baby son, Zydn, aged eight months, whose mother is model and actress Lauren Wood.

In this series of cute shots, he wears a Kurt Cobain t-shirt with a pair of bright blue shorts and running shoes and cuddles Zydn, who is happy just wearing a diaper in the sunshine.

Justin’s sense of style

Justin could also give Odell a run for his money in the fashion stakes. Neither are afraid to try something new and extreme.

In a recent Happy Halloween post, Justin rocked a black kilt covered in chain belts with a long-sleeved black and white striped t-shirt, adding his usual beanie.

The goth look was finished off with huge black platform boots and fingerless gloves with spikes on.

It’s clear that both stars have developed their unique way of dressing and are keen on body art and unusual jewelry.

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