Juliette Lewis shares incredible view for The Sunday Times Style photoshoot

Juliette Lewis close up
Juliette Lewis is glowing as she poses along the open field in her sheer dress. Pic credit: ©

The one-and-only Juliette Lewis showcased her unique and effortlessly glowing personality as she recently teamed up with The Sunday Times Style.

The Sunday Times Style is a company that serves the latest celebrity news and fashion along with beauty and overall life tips.

More so, The Sunday Times Style has teamed up with endless A-List celebrities as they allow them to speak their truths and discuss their latest endeavors.

However, for their latest issue, the company turned to the leading light herself — Juliette Lewis.

The 49-year-old talented actress has starred in a wide variety of award-winning masterpieces, including her recent portrayal as Natalie in Showtime’s newest hit, Yellowjackets.

With such talent and diversity in the industry, it only made sense for The Sunday Times Style to choose Juliette as the next new face on their latest issue.

Juliette Lewis is effortlessly glowing for her special magazine feature

Luckily for fans, Juliette was kind enough to share a shot from the photo shoot as she took to her Instagram feed with the exclusive photograph.

In the photo, The Natural Born Killers star was captured posing along a wide open field as she modeled along a sea of vibrant-colored grass.

As she did so, the sun beamed down along Juliette, making her skin effortlessly glisten and glow.

While she posed, she placed her hands along her forehead while she donned a black and white sheer dress.

The masterfully crafted dress featured a sheer top half, while the bottom included the perfect touches of white hues. The dress even featured a high slit that traveled along the left side of her leg.

Juliette’s dark hair was styled in wet waves that further blew in the wind behind her while she sported a more natural, sun-kissed face.

She simply captioned the post by giving a shoutout to all the masterminds behind the photo shoot, “@theststyle @oliviamalone @seanknight @marandahair @karo_kangas @merricures @homeagency.”

Fans can now head to The Sunday Times Style’s official website to browse through the rest of the immaculate shots while reading the full interview.

Juliette Lewis created her rock band called Juliette and the Licks

When Juliette isn’t consumed by her latest work with the TV series, Yellowjackets, the superstar is instead involved with making music.

More so, Juliette formed her rock band, Juliette and the Licks, in 2003.

However, the band took a break in 2009, but luckily for fans, they reunited again in 2015 and even went on a world tour.

With Juliette’s natural ear for music and overall dedication to her work, it only made sense why the band was immediately talked about in the media.

Some of their hits include You’re Speaking My Language, Got Love to Kill, and Hot Kiss.

In another IG throwback post, the rockstar shared a photograph of her and the band on tour as she sang to the audience, covered in sweat.

The crowd looked to be thoroughly enjoying the moment as Juliette sang her heart out to them.

She simply captioned the fun band post, “You better reach for it and keep it flexy!”

Interested fans can stay up to date with the latest band news by simply following Juliette on her Instagram.

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