Julie Bowen reveals she is straight but was in love with a woman

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Julie Bowen says she is straight but reveals she was in love with a woman in a new revelation on her Quitters podcast. Pic credit: ©

Julie Bowen became vulnerable and shared a previously unknown fact about her love life.

Julie made the remarks about her same-sex love on a recent podcast episode.

For fans out of the loop, Julie joined the podcasting world with a show called Quitters.

Perhaps giving credence to Emily Ratajkowski’s theory about sexuality on a spectrum, Julie revealed that she was in love with a woman.

On a recent Halloween episode, Julie and cohost Chad Sanders welcomed a former The Bachelor contestant, Becca Tilley. Becca discussed coming out to the public after appearing on two seasons of Bachelor Nation shows.

Unsurprisingly, Becca said it was more difficult to come out because she had been on reality television as a heterosexual woman.

Julie Bowen discusses same-sex love

Becca’s coming out conversation inspired Julie to share her own story.

According to the Modern Family actress, she fell in love with a woman who liked women. Unfortunately for Julie, the mystery woman did not reciprocate her feelings.

Julie said on her podcast via Page Six, “I’m straight. I’ve always been straight. I was in love with a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back.”

Julie continued, “She liked women, but she didn’t like me in that way.”

Julie declined to reveal the identity of the woman who was the object of her desire.

She concluded, “It never really took off, so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”

Julie said that because the woman didn’t share her romantic feelings, she always considered herself heterosexual.

Julie Bowen’s Quitters podcast

Julie teamed up with Chad Sanders to create the series and invited well-known guests to share stories. 

Chad created an upcoming HBO Max project, Rap Sh!t. He also penned a book, Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned from Trauma and Triumph. Chad’s work has been featured in Time and The New York Times.

Julie and Chad aired the first Quitters episode last February, and the podcast is now in its second season, indicating some success for the venture.

The podcast featured some well-known names on the podcast, with Julie’s Modern Family co-stars lending a helping hand. Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, and Sarah Hyland have appeared on the podcast as guests.

The website for the series revealed that Quitters was a way for Julie to “branch out” as a producer and director.

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