Julianne Hough stuns in full fishnet outfit

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough rocks a full fishnet ensemble over a lingerie set. Pic credit: ©

While Julianne Hough may have a fully-stocked resume already, it may have just gotten longer with the addition of: “Able to pull off a full-fishnet outfit.”

The triple threat, 34, reshared a post onto her Instagram Stories from makeup artist and hairstylist Megan Lanoux.

The post first contained a photo of Hough, where she glared into the camera and showed off the top half of her outfit. She rocked her shaggy blonde hair in loose waves and neutral-toned makeup while showing a fishnet piece from the chest up.

The second part of the swipe-through was a video of Hough giving followers an even closer view and a full-body shot of the entire look.

The clip showed her backing away from the camera to reveal that she was in head-to-toe fishnet while wearing only a black lingerie set underneath.

The fishnet piece was also covered in black gemstones and contained four cutouts around her back and midsection.

Julianne Hough gives ‘French girl vibes’ in full fishnet outfit

Towards the end of the video, the former Dancing With The Stars dancer added in a pair of black sunglasses and a red, heart-shaped bag for the ultimate color pop.

“Chic, fabulous and oh so sweet! @juleshough is giving all the French girl vibes,” Lanoux wrote on the post.

The fishnet photo was wedged between multiple videos alongside her celebrity gal pal Nina Dobrev on her Instagram Stories — both showing the pair enjoying a Harry Styles concert together and getting their makeup done for promotion in regards to their wine brand, Fresh Vine.

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev on their wine label

Along with her singing, dancing, and acting career, Hough also shares a wine brand with her real-life bestie and The Vampire Diaries actress, Nina Dobrev.

The two were introduced to each other by their hairstylist about a decade ago, and have since teamed up with Napa Valley winemaker Jamey Whetstone to create their own label.

Julianne Hough's Instagram Story with Nina Dobrev
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

In terms of creating and launching their brand, Fresh Vine, the two had nothing but good things to say about working alongside one another — even though they had been warned about the downside of getting into business with a close friend.

“It’s so much more exciting when you create a company with your best friend,” Dobrev said to The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s made this experience so much more enjoyable and exciting to have someone to share it with. At the end of the day, life is about sharing things with people you love, laughing and enjoying every single moment, the highs and the lows. It’s been such a high with Julianne.”

Hough had a similar response, stating, “In the past we used to hear the phrase, ‘Don’t work with family, don’t work with close friends.’ That’s so wrong! Why not work with family? Why not work with close friends?”

“Why not work with your friend and share all of the joys and experiences instead of doing it on your own?” She continued. “That’s what is so special.”

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