Julianne Hough shares inspiring ‘kitchen dancing’ video

julianne hough dance
Julianne Hough got back to the basics with an impromptu dance. Pic credit: ©

Julianne Hough returned to her roots as the talented professional engaged in an impromptu dance featuring a little fashion and a lot of emotion.

The Dancing With The Stars alum looked casual yet fabulous as she danced in her kitchen and showed off her skills.

She shared her creation on Instagram with a video for her 5.1 million followers on the platform.

Many of Julianne’s followers likely found her through DWTS, which she starred in with her brother, another professional dancer, Derek Hough.

As Julianne expands her career into different arenas, her dance shares have become less frequent.

The somewhat rare nature of her latest post probably added to the delight that many of her fans felt.

Julianne Hough shares kitchen dance with fans

The video began with Julianne close the camera as she positioned it properly and got into the beat.

Julianne stepped away from the camera slowly as she shimmied her hips and showed her head-to-toe look.

As Julianne referenced in the camera, the video took place in the kitchen, and she quickly grabbed a kitchen towel which she swung through the air. Then, Julianne placed both hands on the towel and spun as the item served as a makeshift dance partner.

Julianne’s impromptu dance featured the twist with some hip-hop moves added in, creating a playful share.

The dancer looked cozy in a gray dress with a thigh-high slit and black combat boots. She paired the dress with a black jacket and a matching beanie.

A drum and bass song by Baseclture played in the background.

Julianne Hough launched wine company with Nina Dobrev

Julianne and her longtime best friend, Vampire Diaries alum Nina Dobrev, created Fresh Vine Wine, a low-calorie and low-sugar wine line. The company went public at the beginning of the year, and the entrepreneurs have seen great success.

However, Julianne grew up as a member of The Church of Latter-Day Saints. As such, the consumption of alcohol was prohibited during her upbringing. Because of this, Julianne didn’t experience alcohol until a later age, when she stopped practicing Mormonism.

She and Nina sat down with Forbes this week and discussed their introductions to the wine world.

Julianne explained, “I wasn’t exposed to wine until I was about 21 because I grew up in Utah in a Mormon family.”

She continued, “When I was 21 and of legal drinking age I had a boyfriend who knew about wine, so I was excited and curious about being able to go to different vineyards and have incredible experiences.”

Julianne has an appreciation for the beverage, explaining, “It wasn’t about getting drunk, it was about tasting and differentiating between the different wines.”

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