Julianne Hough kicked off the new year with some serious self-care

Julianne Hough kicked off the new year with some serious self-care
Julianne Hough started her new year with some self-care while wearing a red bikini. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Julianne Hough started off 2023 in style, with self-care while rocking a red bikini.

The Dancing With The Stars alum shared a video montage featuring some of her favorite moments during a recent spa trip.

Julianne has frequently shared montages on her Instagram for the enjoyment of her 5.1 million followers on the platform. In those montages, like the one she just posted, fans could see Julianne’s creative nature, which has taken her far.

As Julianne revealed in a caption accompanying the montage, she was at We Care Spa, where she detoxed her body and calmed her spirit.

Julianne chose Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy as the upbeat soundtrack to the post.

The video started with a pool shot featuring a magnificent scene, including cacti and a gorgeous sunset in the background.

Julianne Hough enjoys self-care at We Care Spa

Julianne dove into the pool, rocking a string bikini and showing her impeccable dancer form. She re-emerged from the pool, twisted her hair, and rung out her blonde tresses, squeezing the excess pool water.

Next, Julianne had some fun in the daylight wearing gray sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt. She bounced on a miniature trampoline, getting in some cardio and keeping the fun going.

After the trampoline session, Julianne appeared in a red bikini, extending her arms from the comforts of a sauna. She sat on a white towel as she detoxed and recorded the process.

Julianne’s caption began, “Ok, my favorite way to start the year is always @wecarespaca ? coming to a place where you can fully relax, release, re-center and focus on your gut health, your mental clarity and spiritual vibration is my idea of a party!”

Julianne continued to explain the spiritual implications of self-care during a full moon.

She added, “To be there during the full moon in cancer was also so powerful and the incredible group that happened to be there during my stay was so special.”

Julianne ended her lengthy caption on a fun note asking her fans to watch out for the cute duck toward the end of the video. The duck appeared to glide through the water almost bopping away to Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy. The star wrote, “Wait for the duck moment in this video… very proud of their rhythm ?”

Julianne Hough’s fans loved her video montage

As already noted, Julianne has over five million followers and many of them adored her video. Her posts always garner tens of thousands of likes, and this one already has nearly 15,000 likes.

Many of her fans also jumped straight into the comments section. Creative producer Babs Burchfield told Julianne they were only “Here for the bangs clips.” And actor Sabina Gadecki Rich opined, “I wanna gooooooo.”

Another fan remarked, “This looks delicious,” and a fourth told Julianne she was “Livin your best life GIRL ???”

Comments on Julianne Hough IG video
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

Julianne has a lot of reasons to be thankful leading into 2023, with one such reason including the launch of a wine company with her bestie, Nina Dobrev.

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev launch Fresh Vine Wine

Julianne and Nina launched Fresh Vine Wine in 2022 with great success.

The low-sugar, organic brand of wine also went public in 2022, which meant that people could trade the stock on the stock market.

The company was a natural fit for Julianne and Nina, who created the vegan wine, which is also low-carb.

It didn’t hurt that Nina and Julianne enjoyed drinking wine before starting the company, either.

The pair posted a couple of pics of themselves to Instagram welcome in the new year as they downed a glass of their product.

Julianne looked incredible in a red plunging minidress, and Nina rocked a sparkly black, also plunging, mini jumpsuit.

Julianne wished her fans and customers a happy new year. She claimed the wine was “all about Balancing a healthier for you wine while not compromising on the premium quality and luxury experience. Our mission had and always will be about Balance while nurturing friendship and connection. Sharing your laughter, good times, hard times, and love through a glass of wine.”

Julianne finished her caption writing, “@nina and I and everyone on our @freshvinewine team wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful New Year! #freshvinewine #2023”

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