Julianne Hough is showing off the gorgeous countryside in a series of roadway snaps

Julianne Hough close up
Julianne Hough sizzled in a bright minidress. Pic credit: ©

Julianne Hough brought some serious heat to a quaint Tennessee countryside yesterday, showing off her sculpted physique in a curve-hugging minidress.

The 34-year-old Hollywood star was caught living her best life while staying at Southall Farm & Inn, a luxurious farm-based resort near Nashville.

Illuminated by the golden glow of the setting sun, Julianne struck a few playful poses in the burnt orange dress, highlighting everything from her super-snatched waist to her toned legs.

She coordinated the eye-catching look with gold jewelry, a white purse, and knee-high boots that perfectly mirrored the garment’s hue.

Oh, and not to be overlooked, her signature blonde locks were uhhh-mazing, with windswept layers and face-framing curtain bangs.

While the share didn’t require a caption at all, Julianne left her followers with a few carefully-selected emojis, “🧡🌅🍑🐅🥕🥭🧶.”

Julianne Hough showed off her striking silhouette in a swimsuit

Speaking of Julianne and gorgeous sunsets, she took full advantage of a particularly beautiful one last week.

Hanging onto the ropes of a boat, the Emmy Award-winning actress lifted her leg into a graceful dancer’s pose, accentuating her fit figure.

While most of her features were obscured by the dim light, Julianne was clearly rocking some type of oversized sun hat. 

She also seized the moment in a serene video, showing the sun’s orange glow against rippling waves.

“Is there anything better than a sunset 🌅,” she captioned the share.

Julianne Hough stunned in black and white to promote A.W.A.K.E. MODE

Julianne hit the streets looking like an absolute boss earlier this month to promote the innovative clothing brand A.W.A.K.E. MODE.

Founded in London in 2012, A.W.A.K.E. MODE has created a collection that combines avant-garde style with effortless versatility to meet the needs of every woman.

The Dancing with the Stars alum sported a long white pea coat over a chic white blouse tucked into a black high-waisted skirt. 

She completed the daring look with a bold geometric belt, pointed-toe pumps, black sunglasses, and a timeless Yves Saint Laurent purse.

Of course, Julianne can really do no wrong, but she was oh, so right with this ensemble, making it no wonder she gladly advertises A.W.A.K.E. MODE on her Instagram.

She captioned the post, “Good morning, I’m @awake_mode 😉.”

While Julianne has become known for being incredibly honest and open on Instagram, she recently shifted how she shares different aspects of her life on the platform.

During an interview with CNN, she said, “Life is about choices … I’ve always shared a lot of my personal, private life on Instagram, especially when I was married and people loved that, but that felt like, oh my gosh, I have nothing left for myself that feels sacred. Cause everybody knows everything. So how can I stand for what I believe politically or emotionally through my art?”

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