Julianne Hough in striped bikini for celebration

Julianne Hough up close
Julianne Hough showed off her tropical vacation style in a striped bikini while celebrating Nina Dobrev’s birthday. Pic credit: ©

Not all friendships stand the test of time, but Julianne Hough just proved again that her best friend status with actress Nina Dobrev remains as strong as ever more than 10 years after meeting through their mutual hairstylist.

Now the dynamic and steadfast duo has marked another year of being besties by celebrating Nina’s 34th birthday together, along with Nina’s boyfriend, retired Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, and a multitude of other friends.

Sharing a slew of snaps on her social media page, Julianne likely had many of her followers turning green with envy as she and her crew of fellow vacationers looked to enjoy a very tropical vacation.

In her first slide, Julianne showed off her dancing physique in a flattering striped bikini for some fun in the sun.

Holding her camera away from her face to capture herself and two of the friends she was hanging out with on the getaway, Julianne looked lean and fit in her black-and-white two-piece.

Her super flat abs and toned legs gave proof that her years on Dancing with the Stars paid off in terms of her fitness level, and the Safe Haven actress clearly hasn’t let up on her exercise routine since leaving the reality show.

Julianne Hough stuns in a striped bikini

A backdrop of stunning blue skies, a tranquil sea, and a shore of porous rocks and lush green shrubbery added color and major vacation vibes to the shot.

Pink-colored sunglasses sat propped over her eyes and a bucket hat rested on her head for some shade.

Julianne Hough poses for a quick selfie in her striped bikini while on vacation.
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

In another snap shared by the star, Julianne turned her back to the lens and spread her arms wide to take in the beauty of the scenery before her.

Julianne kept the straw bucket hat on her head as she viewed the sights following a hike, heavy-duty hiking boots on her feet undoubtedly providing stability on the rock faces that dotted the area.

Julianne Hough poses in her striped bikini overlooking a tropical view.
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

Julianne Hough hugs Nina Dobrev

Getting the feels going with a sweet snap of her and Nina hugging each other, Julianne next showed herself wearing a flowy white dress with a low neckline.

She kept her hair tied back and her fringe bangs down over her forehead, with the hue of her locks looking more brunette than her signature blonde in the shadow of an island mountain.

Oversized hoops hung from her ears and a black headband appeared to be adorning the crown of her head.

For her part, Nina looked as classy and elegant as her pal, going with a sleek black dress that matched the shade of her tresses nearly perfectly.

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev share a hug on vacation.
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

While Julianne didn’t specify her exact locale, it seemed that the crew was spending time in the islands of Indonesia based on a hashtag of “indonina” that Julianne left on her photo.

With her DWTS days long gone, fans may wonder just how Julianne has maintained her famous figure over the years.

Julianne shares her exercise routine

Julianne opened up to SELF magazine about her exercise routine, sharing that she doesn’t work out for her appearance.

“My whole thing is, I’m not doing it necessarily to make my body look good, I’m doing it because I love it and it’s fun,” she said.

“I feel way better when I’m working out. Once I’ve taken care of myself I can be happy and joyful and do things at my top ability, and I feel like I can give the best version of myself [to other people].”

Although Julianne may not be dancing professionally on the DWTS stages anymore, the star has continued to keep up her skills in other ways, recently taking Broadway by storm last year in POTUS, so it has remained imperative that she find ways to stay fit and strong.

“A lot of people are like, ‘man, you’re so busy, how do you fit it in?’ But that’s my key thing: I don’t ‘fit’ it in, I schedule it in,” she admitted.

She explained that she prefers to tackle exercise right away in the morning before doing anything else as it “sets the tone for the rest of the day.”

Some of Julianne’s favorite activities include trampoline fitness classes, indoor cycling, and hiking.

She also enjoys hot yoga to work up a good sweat while staying limber and employs the talents and expertise of trainer Tracy Anderson for extra variety.

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