Julianne Hough in plaid bikini for cold plunge

Julianne Hough face
Julianne Hough engaged in some self-care with a challenge. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Julianne Hough showed the delicate art of balance as she engaged in some self-care after working extremely hard during 2022. 

The Dancing with the Stars beauty shared a glimpse at her latest ritual, which included a bandeau-style plaid bikini and a cold plunge challenge.

Another well-known name who did a cold-plunge challenge recently was Olympian pole-vaulter Alysha Newman, who took things to the next level with a snowy experience.

As for Julianne, her favorite place to do self-care appears to be We Care Spa.

She has been posting up a storm there all month, including her latest share, appearing on her Instagram for her 5.1 million followers.

The Footloose star chose her Instagram Stories to share the content as she sat on a wooden bench with and red and white plaid bikini.

Julianne Hough prioritizes self-care at We Care Spa

The blonde beauty had new bangs which graced her forehead and added new energy to her beautiful looks.

She wore no make-up and had a vibrant glow that few possess. Julianne also tagged her famous brother, Derek Hough, in the gorgeous picture, possibly challenging him to join the cold-plunge challenge. 

jules hough bikini
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

Her natural beauty shined through in the shot, and her toned figure from years of dancing was evident.

A few weeks earlier, Julianne was at the same location and dipped in the pool.

Julianne jumped into the pool, wearing a bikini and showing her unrivaled dancer form.

Other activities included a miniature trampoline bounce session as she got in some cardio and worked up her endorphins.

As Julianne revealed in her caption, she started her new year off the right way.

Julianne’s caption stated, “Ok, my favorite way to start the year is always @wecarespaca ? coming to a place where you can fully relax, release, re-center and focus on your gut health, your mental clarity and spiritual vibration is my idea of a party!”

She also praised the new moon in Cancer, a time for new beginnings and manifestation.

Julianne Hough launches Fresh Vine Wine

Last year, Julianne launched Fresh Vine Wine with her bestie, Nina Dobrev. The company even went public, which meant that traders could purchase stock for the company on the stock exchange.

On New Year’s Eve 2022, Julianne said she wanted to focus on the brand in the coming year.

Her caption read, “FVW is all about Balancing a healthier for you wine while not compromising on the premium quality and luxury experience.”

The vegan and low-carb wine is sure to be a hit with those looking to have fun but watching their figure.

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B Lymric
B Lymric
1 month ago

What cleavage? You got to have some tits to produce cleavage.