Julianne Hough in black plunging swimsuit glows at the spa

julianne hough black swimsuit
Julianne Hough enjoys a spa day wearing a white robe and black swimsuit. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Julianne Hough continued her commitment to self-care with a recent share featuring a fluffy white robe and a plunging black swimsuit.

The professional dancer has had a whirlwind few weeks, featuring a lot of nature, hiking, and a trip to Paris Fashion Week.

Perhaps her latest venture to the spa was to unwind following all that physical activity and traveling.

The creative personality has been known to share aesthetically pleasing videos on social media, featuring unique transitions with beautiful storylines.

Julianne’s latest post, shared on her Instagram feed, was no exception as she told the story of a spa day, beginning with a robe and ending with a swimsuit.

Julianne let the post speak for itself, opting for emojis as the caption.

Julianne Hough hits the spa in robe and swimsuit

The video began with Julianne in a lobby wearing a fluffy white robe. She wore matching white slippers with black stitching and held a mug in her hand. Her blonde locks featured bangs and a fresh blowout, and she sported bright red lips. She stood in a lobby and spun for the first transition of the video.

Next, Julianne spun around and led the camera to a new room, where there was a fountain carved out of marble. She gestured toward the fountain purported to be a fountain of youth. Julianne struck a dancer pose before filling her cup, having a sip, and placing her hand in front of the camera for the next part of the video.

Julianne appeared in front of a dual bath as she dropped her white robe to reveal a black swimsuit. She stepped into the cold bath and moved her arms as she breathed exaggeratedly from the temperature shock. Julianne navigated her way around the pool before climbing out and shimmying on her way.

Finally, Julianne appeared at a sauna, and she added water to the coals to create the perfect environment.

In the background, the song T’es belle by Cœur de Pirate played, adding to the relaxing vibe of the video.

Julianne has shared spa content in the past, and this wasn’t her first rodeo.

Julianne Hough sweats it out in the sauna

Last month, Julianne posted a gorgeous gold bikini photo as she “sweat it out” in a sauna.

Julianne opted for a selfie as she spent some alone time in a sauna surrounded by wood and rocks.

She wore a tan bikini with breathable fabric and a stringy design.

Julianne went to the We Care Spa, a luxurious location with state-of-the-art accommodations.

Her hair was pulled back from her face, and she looked bare-faced and beautiful as she engaged in self-care rituals.

Julianne’s commitment to self-care seems mutually beneficial to both her and her fans because followers get to watch her in her element.

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