Julianne Hough dances for KINRGY with positive message

julianne hough sports bra dance
Julianne Hough teamed up with KINRGY to express herself the best way she knew, and the results were amazing. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Julianne Hough is doing what made her famous as the beautiful Dancing With The Stars alum busted a move and got into her element.

The dancer was one of many to join forces for a dance montage with a message that has become increasingly possible on social media, “Enjoy your body.”

The clip served as a promotion for KINRGY, a wellness platform that Julianne started. Julianne reposted a screengrab from the clip onto her Instagram Stories to get more eyes on the share.

The Fresh Vine cofounder enlisted the help of some other fitness enthusiasts to create an exciting clip that was certain to get viewers amped up and ready to go.

In the background, a voice told listeners to enjoy their bodies and use it “every way” they can. For Julianne, that meant dancing expressively, something she has done quite well over the years.

The video started with Julianne in a spandex two-piece in a chocolate color. Julianne rocked a sports bra with a scoop neck and thick straps. She paired the sports bra with high-waisted spandex featuring light stitching. Julianne’s blonde locks had a center part and natural waves as she threw her head around.

Julianne Hough enjoys body positivity dance

She smiled as she moved her arms around poetically and got into the moment. As the video continued, other dancers also “enjoyed their bodies” while dancing creatively and breaking a sweat.

The upbeat and motivational clip was energetic and served to promote KINRGY. The video featured tags for all the fitness enthusiasts and instructors who joined forces to create the lovely piece.

The caption read, “Our body is our language. An expression — a moving message. Enjoy the greatest instrument you’ll ever own… and DANCE 🧡 Share this with the people you love.”

Julianne has shown quite an entrepreneurial spirit since she emerged as a professional dancer.

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Julianne Hough’s KINRGY dance app

Julianne was the perfect person to create a wellness platform and dancing app because she has danced for most of her life.

She explained that the purpose of her venture, KNRGY was to inspire people to surrender to dance. Julianne cited the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of dancing in an interview about her platform.

She told Well + Good, “When you’re dancing, you surrender your mind completely, and you access your emotions—you’re either feeling excited or free or sexy or whatever—and it’s all about expressing yourself from the inside out instead of the outside in.”

Fans can download Julianne’s fitness app or check out her videos, some of which appear on YouTube.

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