Julia Rose stuns in tiny white crop top and denim

Julia Rose wearing lipstick and lashes.
A picture of Julia Rose gazing at the camera. Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Julia Rose‘s relationship with Jake Paul has caused fans much entertainment with its constant ups and downs, but her fashionable reign on Instagram remains constant.

Julia’s Instagram handle is a play on words when it comes to a fictional run for president, as her bio mentions that she just wants to “make Instagram great again” along with an American flag emoji.

She is ensuring her Instagram feed stays up to par with some of the most sultry pictures and videos ever.

Julia and Jake’s relationship was interesting to keep up with while it was still in motion, but now her fans can pay attention to other aspects of her life.

Aside from her dating situation, Julia knows how to dress to the nines, whether hitting the beach or a nightclub. Her fashion sense deserves clout of its own.

The latest mirror selfie she posted is worth checking out based on her exquisite good looks, her fantastic figure, and her gorgeous accessory choices.

Julia Rose stuns in a white crop top

Julia wore a long-sleeved white crop top in the mirror selfie she shared. She left it completely unbuttoned in the front to show off some of the skin over her chest area.

Since the shirt was a crop top, her incredibly flat stomach was also easy to see. On her bottom half, she wore a pair of denim jeans with the top edge rolled down.

The skinny pink straps of Julia’s underwear were visible to anyone paying close enough attention to the bottom of her selfie. Julia didn’t skip out on accessories either.

She wore a tan bucket hat, a sleek pair of sunglasses, two layered necklaces, and a ring on her pointer finger made of gold chains.

Julia Rose looks amazing in casual clothes

Julia proved that casual clothing could look just as amazing as fancy clothing in a separate mirror selfie she shared on Instagram. In the shot, she wore a black crop top with enough fabric to cover her chest without showing too much skin.

Her stomach was completely visible though, and so were the red underwear she was wearing. The red underwear had black words printed along the top, likely revealing the brand name.

Julia captioned the post, “ceo of always dressing like a boy.”

Julia also wore a pair of baggy white sweatpants that were decorated with red letters and colorful stars along one leg.

On her feet, she wore a pair of black and white Nikes that were perfectly laced up. She added a snapback baseball cap, a bracelet, two rings, and a small silver body chain beneath her belly button.

In another recent Instagram post, Julia rocked a black corset-style top with another pair of white pants and sneakers.

She posted three photos, the first saw her posing with pair of sunglasses and a look of ‘watcha looking at?’ on her face. Her super long wavy hair flowed down over her shoulders and her caption read, “made ya look.”

The following photo revealed the back of the outfit as Julia climbed some stairs with her hands stretched out. She’d also added a trendy handbag.

Julia Rose and Jake Paul have a tempestuous relationship

Julia and YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul have had a passionate and difficult relationship, which first began way back in 2019 when the pair first met on the set of the music video for Jake’s tune, These Days. According to Hollywood Life, their relationship was later described as love at first sight.

The duo first went official in early 2020, about a month after Jake finished up with Tana Mongeau. All seemed well until early 2022 when rumors emerged of a split, which seemed to be confirmed after Jake was allegedly spotted kissing model Sky Bri.

Jake Paul on the red carpet
Julia Rose has been dating Jake Paul since early 2020. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

The pair appeared to have gone their separate ways after Julia responded to a Jake post by writing, “Prime example of why I broke up with him. Feel free to post more s**t to make me feel better about my decision.”

However, the pair seemed to patch things up and are currently still going strong.

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