Julia Rose shows off her latest clothing haul in fashionable share

Julia Rose selfie
Julia Rose turns up the fashion. Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Julia Rose struck a pose in several fashionable fits from one of her favorite brands.

She looked incredible in a form-fitting black dress with thin straps and a scoop neckline. The dress had her looking fine and elegant as she posed for the mirror selfie.

A couple of swipes right showed Julia clad in a bright pink minidress with thin halter straps and a straight neckline. It gave Barbie energy and highlighted her long legs.

In the last image, she stunned in a black and white striped sweater that she paired with tight-fitting black pants. The chic look showed off her impeccable taste in fashion.

Her hair changed for each look, and whether down and straight, bouncy with curls, or styled up — she looked fantastic. Julia’s dark locks had blonde highlights and complemented her glowing complexion.

The film actress had beautiful makeup for every look, with pink lips, bronzed cheeks, dark lashes, and defined brows.

While she looked ready to attend any fancy party, at the end of the day, she was comfortable in her home. In one look, she even let some adorable shark-themed slippers poke out from under her dress.

Julia Rose promotes Temu

The actress didn’t just throw on these trendy ‘fits for mirror selfies but also because she was also promoting one of her favorite brands, Temu.

She included in the caption of her post, “few of my @temu favorites… everything is linked in my bio and story ?.”

She then went on to provide her followers with a discount code that could provide a huge 30% off. Julia also included the information that the pieces from Temu would include free shipping and returns.

Temu is an online marketplace that sells fashionable pieces, cosmetics, and more. Julia was the perfect model for the brand, as she wore everything to absolute perfection.

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend earned over 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments with her post, so Temu was likely happy with the promotion.

Julia Rose shares her poetry

Julia may often be busy with her influencer duties, but she is also an astounding and talented poet.

The online star sat down in front of 200 people to share her poetry with them. She read her poem about a girl with brown eyes, and her artistic words had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The crowd sat crisscrossed as they listened in awe to her poetry.

Julia was so excited about the opportunity. She captioned her post, “had the honor of sharing some of my writing with over 200 inspiring individuals at @fitforservice ?❤️ thank you to each and every person that came up to me after and took the time to tell me what my words meant to them ❤️❤️❤️.”

After she read the poem, her friend stood up to hug her in support.

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