Julia Rose makes her own rain for warm weather dance

julia rose face
Julia Rose makes her own weather. Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Julia Rose showed she could control her destiny as the social media star created magic.

The Instagram model took to social media to share a visually stunning video with her 1 million IG followers.

The video saw Julia soaking up the sun while rocking a two-piece swimsuit.

However, Julia wasn’t simply modeling — she also created an entire vibe with the shoot.

Julia quickly received over 63,000 likes for the content and countless comments.

The video began with Julia holding a hose and standing in the grass before a vintage GMC truck.

Julia Rose soaks up the sun and makes her own weather

Julia stood in a bikini, aiming the hose in the air while clearly channeling the summer. She stood in the dirt, with vibrant green grass surrounding her. The sun and hose water combined to create a rainbow, a fact mentioned by Julia in a caption accompanying the post.

The barefoot beauty smiled while enjoying nature and making magic in the delightful share.

In the background, country music played, which was perfect for the all-American shoot.

Julia’s caption read, “sometimes when you want to dance in the rain you have to improvise ?.”

Julia showed modeling skills in the video, and it’s no surprise, especially since she has seen success in the fashion world.

Julia Rose promotes her favorites from Temu

One of Julia’s most frequent collaborators has been Temu.

Although Temu just launched in 2022, the company has quickly taken over as an online commerce giant. The Chinese company has electronics, clothing, and jewelry, all for hard-to-beat prices.

A reason for Temu’s success, of course, is its use of influencers like Julia to promote the company.

Julia posted a four-part share, revealing in a subsequent caption that the items she wore were available on the Temu platform. She also shared a discount code in the caption, providing followers with some extra value.

The ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul was a vision in a set of mirror selfies, looking chic in a black gown, a pink minidress, and a horizontally-striped sweater.

Julia’s caption read, “a few of my @temu favorites… everything is linked in my bio and story ? Free Shipping & Free Returns One stop shop with so many goodies Code: joy2994 (EXTRA 30% OFF).”

Fans can purchase the Scoop Neck Open Back Maxi Cami Dress, which is perfect for spring and summer, on Temu for only $8.

Additionally, fans can check out the Temu app, which is more popular than TikTok, Amazon, and Instagram combined.

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