Julia Rose is stunning in a bathroom bikini selfie

Julia Rose poses for a selfie for her Instagram
Julia Rose stunned in a bathroom mirror selfie. Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Julia Rose looked stunning as she posed in a bucket hat and bikini for a mirror selfie.

The 28-year-old Instagram model, who is dating social media star and pro boxer, Jake Paul, posed for the photo in her bathroom. Bathrobes and a shower could be seen behind her as she snapped the shot.

For the selfie, Rose wore a gorgeous pearly white string bikini. Meanwhile, she paired it with a yellow bucket hat with cartoon figures on it.

Rose’s face was nearly completely hidden as she wore the hat low over her eyes and held her phone in front of her face. However, a small smile could still be seen on her lips.

Her brunette locks flowed out from beneath her hat and cascaded down her back.

The outfit gave a glimpse of a tattoo on the side of her torso. It also allowed her to show off her intricate henna tattoo that ran down her arm and over her fingers.

Julia Rose showed off fit figure in bathroom selfie

Rose’s bathroom selfie allowed her to show off her impressive figure as she posed in the white bikini. Her stunning photo wasn’t surprising, though, as she has largely made her career off of modeling.

Julia Rose poses in a white bikini for a mirror selfie for her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Rose first gained prominence for appearing on the MTV reality show Are You The One. She appeared in Season 4 of the show in 2016.

The show rounds up 10 men and 10 women, who the producers secretly pair up using a matchmaking algorithm. The contestants then have to identify all of the matches that the algorithm picked by going on dates and seeing which couples seemingly match up.

In her audition tape, Rose revealed that she previously worked as a bartender in New Orleans, Louisiana. She also tried to perform a handstand for her audition tape but couldn’t quite pull it off.

Julia also found some fame and notoriety in 2019 when she and her companion Lauren Summer were banned by the Major Baseball League for flashing at a World Series game. The cheeky pair exposed themselves during game 5 of the series as the Houston Astros battled against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

The pair were escorted out of the ballpark by the police and were sent letters by the MBL telling them they were banned indefinitely. Julia’s partner in crime, Lauren, later claimed that the stunt was to promote breast cancer awareness.

However, it was Rose’s social media modeling that ultimately propelled her to fame. She frequently shares stunning outfits and photos with her one million followers on Instagram.

Julia Rose really knows how to rock a mirror selfie

Rose rarely fails to impress with her modeling photos and has proved that she can pull off a great mirror selfie, as seen in the below post.

Julia looked stunning as she took a casual shot in a bathroom surrounded by rubber duck wallpaper. She was dressed in a stylish black and white jacket with the buttons undone to reveal a black lacy bra and a sparkly necklace underneath.

A slide to the right showed off Julia’s sense of humor as she was now posing with a giant rubber duck helmet on her head.

She joked in the caption, “just duckin around ?”

This post quickly clocked up over 50,000 likes.

Rose is the founder of ShagMag

Rose has gained prominence for her modeling, relationship with Paul, and reality TV stint. However, she is working on capitalizing on that fame with other ventures.

One of her most impressive ventures was co-founding the digital magazine ShagMag. Rose has described the magazine as a replacement for Playboy.

The magazine puts the spotlight on models who Rose finds promising. Her hunt for “ShagMag” girls even included an invitation for them to live with her in her Beverly Hills, California, home.

The magazine also covers dating advice and sports stories. The business appears to be profitable and is always adding more topics to its website.

Surprisingly, Rose doesn’t often promote her magazine on Instagram. Her Instagram page is still mainly devoted to her modeling.

It is still a strong marketing strategy, though, as viewers interested in seeing more of Rose and her styles will be intrigued by ShagMag.

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4 months ago

She’s the one who flashed her boobies at the World Series in a desperate attempt to become famous…. this is what’s required when you look exactly like the other 64,000 cookie cutter blondes on Instagram. Always classy!