Julia Rose declares her love for Texas

Julia Rose selfie
Julia Rose is enjoying her time in Texas. Pic credit: @juliaroseforpresident/Instagram

Julia Rose may not have been born in the Lone Star State, but she is a proud Texan at heart.

The social media star was born in Louisiana, but she was raised in Texas, and recently, she let fans know exactly which state has her heart.

In true Texas style, Julia did it with a cowboy hat, a nice pair of boots, and a pickup truck.

Julia’s recent Instagram share included an incredible photo and a video where she posed in a tiny string bikini along with her cowgirl accessories, proving that she really does embrace that country lifestyle.

In the photo, Julia sat in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck with her left leg kicked up and resting against the door. Her cowboy hat sat in her lap as she stared intently at the camera.

For the video, Julia went a step further, this time wearing the cowboy hat while driving along a stretch of highway and singing Luke Bryan’s Play It Again.

In the caption, Julia wrote, “dear texas, i love you.”

It’s pretty clear that Texans and everyone else love her back too, as the post quickly racked up more than 96,000 likes in just under a day.

Julia Rose seems happier than ever after Jake Paul breakup

Julia Rose’s pickup truck bikini share came after a bit of social media silence following another split from boxing sensation and YouTube star Jake Paul.

Rumors of trouble in paradise had been bubbling up for weeks prior to his recent loss against Tyson Fury, but it doesn’t seem to bother Julia much, as she’s been enjoying some time in her home state.

It seems she deleted all traces of her ex-boyfriend from social media, leaving only her scorching hot photos and videos for fans to check out.

On the other hand, Jake seemingly confirmed their split despite her silence with this telling photo that he captioned, “Picked the wrong rose.”

Julia Rose is a Bydee babe

As a social media influencer with a million Instagram followers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Julia Rose promotes brands on her accounts.

It makes even more sense that one of those brands is an Australian swimwear brand specializing in bikinis. After all, Julia often poses in bikini photos that she shares on social media.

For this particular post, Julia can be seen in a bright and colorful string bikini while enjoying some time in the shade.

She even offered a discount for fans who want to wear the same suit, as she captioned her post, “@bydee_aus just did an all new drop 😛 use code JULIA10 to match me.”

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