Julia Flesher: Who is late billionaire David Koch’s wife?

Julia Flesher and David Koch
Who is Julia Flesher, David Koch’s wife? Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Globe-Photos

Billionaire businessman David Koch, who died on August 23 at the age of 79, was married to Julia Flesher.

David’s older brother Charles, CEO of Koch Industries, announced David’s death on Friday.

The statement released by Charles did not share any information about the cause of death. David battled prostate cancer for some years before he died. His death came about a year after he stepped down from his position as executive vice president at Koch Industries. He reportedly suffered “declining health” in the weeks before his death.

David and his brother, Charles, were philanthropists. They were also two of the biggest donors to the Republican Party and various conservative political causes in the U.S.

They used their wealth to support a vast network of political groups — including Americans for Prosperity — that promoted ideological commitment to small government and the free market.

If you’ve wanted to know who David’s widow Julia Flesher is, here is everything you need to know.

Who is Julia Flesher?

Julia Flesher is 57 years old. She was born to Fredric C. Flesher and mother Margaret W. Flesher of Indianola, Iowa. She spent her early years in Indianola where her family owned a farm and a store.

The family later moved to Arkansas, where they opened a clothing store. Her father sold the family store in 1984 and returned to Indianola, while her mother lived in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Julia attended the University of Central Arkansas.

She moved to NYC, where she married Koch in 1996. Before their marriage, she had worked as an assistant with the Italian designer Adolfo. While at Adolfo, she helped the company style prominent citizens, including former first lady Nancy Reagan. She left Adolfo in 1993, three years before she married David in 1996.

She met David in January 1991.

Their wedding took place at David’s house in Southampton, Long Island, New York.

She was a philanthropist with her late husband, donating to various causes, including the arts and sciences.

Julia had three children with David — David Jr. Mary Julia and John Mark.

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