Joy Corrigan says this zippered swimsuit is the perfect gift

Joy Corrigan gazes into the camera.
Joy Corrigan was radiant in a neon orange swimsuit. Pic credit: ©

Joy Corrigan looked incredible in an orange swimsuit, which Joy declared the “perfect holiday gift.”

The swimsuit included a hood, long sleeves that seamlessly turned into fingerless gloves, and a long zip from below the belly button all the way to the neckline. The style of the swimsuit complemented Joy’s figure and her long, toned legs.

Joy wore her long blonde hair loose and let it fall effortlessly down her back as she posed throughout the video.

The founder and creative director of the Naked Species clothing brand struck multiple poses standing up, lying down, and while underneath a large tree.

Joy’s background was nearly as beautiful as she was. She was surrounded by a blue pool, lush green trees, and a crystal clear sky.

The model with No Ties Management posted the video with a caption that raved about the swimwear. She explained that this swimsuit was good for any season, including “swim, snow, sport, etc.”

The video earned over 20,000 likes from Joy’s followers.

Joy Corrigan promotes Alo Yoga

Joy posted a gorgeous series of photos in lilac sportswear to promote Alo and their previous Black Friday sale. The clothing brand is designed to empower women and inspire wellness.

The model absolutely rocked the light purple sweatpants and tiny top, and it’s clear that Alo is lucky to have her promote their brand. The style of the outfit showed off Joy’s washboard abs.

Joy paired the Alo outfit with a fluffy brown coat that gave her extra comfort and kept her warm. She carried a light pink bag and completed the outfit with brown shoes that the pants mostly covered.

Alo was no doubt happy with the promotion, as the series of photos earned over 19,000 likes and over 300 comments.

Joy Corrigan has an equally glamorous cat

The star recently posted a series of photos holding an adorable and fluffy white cat that channeled the same amount of glamour and fashion as Joy herself.

The cute floof sported a collar with a dangling pendant that no doubt held the owner’s information. The adorable fluffy cat sat comfortably in Joy’s arms for the one-of-a-kind photoshoot.

Joy wore black leggings that she paired with a black coat. The highlight of her ensemble (other than the cat) was her big white boots. The boots featured white fluff and chains that embellished the sides.

The adorable post earned over 16,000 likes.

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