Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates are the ultimate BFF goals

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates after Annabell's delivery.
Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates are friendship goals. Pic credit: @austinandjoyforsyth/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates have been best friends for years. The Duggar and Bates families have shared a lot of memories over the years. The two girls have shown up for one another at the happy times and also when things are tough.

Their friendship is goals and followers of both families are here for it. It has been a big year for Carlin Bates. She married Evan Stewart back in May and Joy-Anna Duggar was one of her bridesmaids. At that point, Joy-Anna even had a bump that indicated she was expecting her second child.

Just about a month after Joy-Anna Duggar stood up for her best friend during the happiest time of her life, she announced that she lost her little girl. Carlin Bates rushed to be by her best friend’s side and even did her hair and makeup for a photoshoot they had with their little girl. When things got tough, she showed up for Joy-Anna and it hit fans in the feels.

Recently, Carlin Bates revealed that she is expecting her first child with Evan Stewart. Instead of being awkward about it, Joy-Anna Duggar celebrated with her best friend and sent her well wishes. Even though she lost her little girl just a few months ago and her would-be due date is approaching, she still showed up for her friend and shared in the excitement with the next stage in life moving on.

Fans and followers have watched as both Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates have grown up on reality television. They have not been in the same stage of life until now, and once Carlin welcomes a little one, there is hope regarding playdates and a whole new generation of best friends who will be there for one another through the good times and bad.

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