Josie Canseco welcomes March with Alo

Josie Canseco feature
Josie Canseco posed in activewear. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Josie Canseco looked stunning in two new photos to mark the end of February.

The beautiful model was pictured in a black crop top with spaghetti straps and fitted shorts in the first photo.

She let her straight blonde locks flow as she struck a model pose for the camera.

Josie looked athletic with her toned arms, slender legs, and defined abs to boost sales for Alo Yoga.

In the second photo, the stunner put her fingers through her luscious blonde hair for a sultry pose.

She wore the Streamlined Bra Tank in Classic Red from the brand and paired it with white leggings for a stylish activewear look.

The model shared the photos with her 1.2 million followers on Instagram and added in the caption, “wrapping up february in new @aloyoga.”

Josie Canseco’s workout routine and diet

Josie has opened up about her workout routine, and it’s all about music.

She said in an interview with US Weekly, “I love cycling, I do it all the time. It’s a good cardio mix. I’m all about cardio and high-intensity music.”

She also does other cardio-focused exercises such as running, boxing, and cycling. She told the outlet that she was cycling up to three times a week when preparing for a fashion show.

The model also revealed that she requires music to stay in the zone for her workouts.

“Anything with music really,” she added. “Music is really like my therapy. So anything that’s pretty much music-involved gets your head in the game,” she said.

Josie, who is the daughter of former Major League Baseball pro Jose Canseco, grew up playing sports and has been active for most of her life.

As for her diet, she keeps a balanced diet with a lot of vegetables and healthy sources of protein. She told the outlet that she changed her diet gradually to pescatarian by cutting out red meat and chicken due to her love of animals.

She keeps a balance by enjoying food such as pizza and other treats.

Josie Canseco poses for Juicy Couture

The stunning model posed for Juicy Couture in a series of photos for their campaign.

She shared the series of photos on her Instagram page in collaboration with the brand.

In the first snap, Josie looked stylish with a black bodysuit as she posed in a sports stadium.

In the second snap, she sat on a race track in a blue strapless dress. She also rocked a matching velvet workout suit on a basketball court for the third slide.

In the final photo, Josie looked gorgeous on a football field in the stylish jogger set.

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