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Josie Canseco goes braless and pantless in open blazer

Josie Canseco poses braless and pantless
Josie Canseco poses braless and pantless in an open blazer in Algarve. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Josie Canseco is celebrating Algarve in style, joining other scantily-clad partiers with a flashy fashion choice.

Josie was not alone–she joined fellow influencers Chantel Jeffries and Meredith Mickelson as they danced the night away with other music fanatics. 

Algarve is a Portuguese island and the place to be each summer, with the world’s top DJs performing residencies every night of the week, and Josie took full advantage of the fun. 

The daughter of Jose Canseco and Jessica Canseco wore a sky blue blazer that perfectly matched her light-colored eyes. 

Her blonde hair was pin straight in a center part, which fell just past her shoulders. 

Her blazer was open and revealed cross necklaces around her neck paired with an apparent lack of a bra.

Thanks to double-sided tape, the celebrity daughter avoided a wardrobe malfunction. Josie displayed her endless legs as she joked around with friends. 

Josie Canseco opts for daring fashion choice in braless blazer

Josie Canseco shared clips of herself living it up in Algarve on her Instagram Stories. Behind Josie were well-dressed friends enjoying cocktails under the sun with music blaring.

josie canseco
Pic credit: @josiecanseco/Instagram

Josie spotted a friend and recorded the encounter as the two hugged and laughed.

josie canseco
Pic credit: @josiecanseco/Instagram

She and her friends caught a Rita Ora show in the “new Ibiza.”

Not many people would brave the public in a pantless blazer, but Josie’s workout regime likely helps her take the plunge.

Josie Canseco’s workout routine is a form of therapy

As the daughter of model Jessica Canseco, and former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco, the Victoria’s Secret model likely knows a thing or two about fitness.

Josie told Us Weekly, “I love cycling, I do it all the time. It’s a good cardio mix. I’m all about cardio and high-intensity music.”

Josie said she likes to switch it up, revealing, “Rumble classes, boxing, running, cycling, I love personally. When we prepped for the [Victoria’s Secret Fashion] Show last year, I was doing cycling maybe like two or three times a week. Boxing training one-on-one, like really focused and in my zone.”

She continued, “Anything with music really. Music is really like my therapy. So anything that’s pretty much music-involved gets your head in the game.”

Josie confirmed her active upbringing and shared, “I grew up playing sports and being very active. So for me, it’s kind of a routine thing that just helps me feel better about myself, about my life and my confidence. And I feel like that shines through when you feel good about what you’ve done.”

Whatever Josie is doing is clearly working as she looks better than ever.

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