Josie Canseco enjoys being poolside in skimpy colorful bikini

Josie Canseco
Josie Canseco lounges poolside as she rocks a bright beautiful bikini. Pic credit: ©

Josie Canseco was photographed enjoying her pool time over the weekend as she was lounging in a beautiful bright bikini. 

The 26-year-old model made way for the pool this past weekend as she was captured modeling for the Lilu Rama Swimwear brand. 

Josie was happily floating in the pool with her hands in the air, lightly locked into one another as she effortlessly glistened in the sun.

The model was wearing the new Luli Reef collection; a multi-colored strapless bikini top, along with the matching bottoms, which laid comfortably above her hips, perfectly showcasing her slender figure.

Josie accessorized her pool-lounge look with a gold, dainty body chain and appeared to have a freshly done manicure. Her hair was completely wet, as it was slicked back, dipping in the pool behind her. 

The photo was rather mesmerizing as it encapsulated the perfect contrast of colors; purple and pink tones from the bikini against the light blue rippling water.

Josie Canseco poses by the pool in beautiful bikini
Pic credit: @josiecanseco/Instagram

The reason Josie Canseco stays active and fit

Being the daughter of former MLB star Jose Canseco immediately puts Josie in the spotlight, which inevitably puts a lot of pressure on the model, especially when it comes to athleticism. 

This is why the model is highly active and fit, as she trains almost every day.

In an interview with the model, she told US Weekly, “I grew up playing sports and being very active. So for me, it’s kind of a routine thing that just helps me feel better about myself, about my life, and my confidence. And I feel like that shines through when you feel good about what you’ve done.”

When it comes to the model’s confidence, another thing that keeps her moving is “eating right and eating a lot of vegetables and good proteins.”

Josie Canseco’s says the secret to a healthy lifestyle is all about ‘balance’

It’s quite apparent the model keeps up with her intense training and a well-balanced diet regularly to keep a certain aesthetic, especially when it comes to her posts on Instagram.

The model happily lives by her music as a constant motivator, particulaly when it comes to training and staying fit. Between her music-forward workout routines and eating the right foods, Josie says the secret to staying fit is about finding balance.

She wrapped up her interview by emphasizing that “It’s just balance” and “It’s OK to have pizza and stuff like that.”

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