Josie Canseco effortlessly glows during rollerblading session

Josie Canseco selfie
Josie Canseco enjoys a nice rollerblading session in her black Alo fit. Pic credit: @josiecanseco/Instagram

Josie Canseco took advantage of the gorgeous weather as she peacefully cruised around with absolutely no worries in sight.

The daughter of the famous MLB outfielder, Jose Canseco, has been on a steady incline over the years as she’s become quite the successful model and influencer.

In her latest share, the blonde beauty proved her natural talents once again.

Josie was captured from numerous angles as she beautifully cruised along next to the beach on her rollerblades.

The model followed along with the bike path as it seemed to be smooth sailing underneath the vibrant-colored palm trees.

Luckily for Josie’s fans, she quickly shared this fun experience with her followers via Instagram.

Josie Canseco enjoys a nice rollerblading session in Alo Yoga

As she happily rolled along, Josie was geared up in one of her favorite brands, Alo Yoga.

Alo Yoga is a California-based clothing company that sells a wide variety of stylish, sustainable clothing. More so, the company specializes in athletic apparel, which is also what Josie was seen wearing in the collage of shots.

The model is certainly no stranger when it comes to promoting Alo, as she’s teamed up with the company many times before, endlessly promoting their newest collections.

For this rollerblading session, Josie decided to style in all black as she glowed under the warm, beaming sun.

In the first slide, Josie was captured from the knees up as she donned a teeny, black bikini top and a pair of black, high-waisted Alo leggings.

In the other slides, the 26-year-old beauty provided some full-length views as she coordinated the black fit with some white, Alo socks and her gray and white rollerblades.

She accessorized with a little black backpack and a pair of black-tinted sunglasses that protected her eyes from the sun.

Overall, Josie looked gorgeous as she practiced her rollerblading skills while simultaneously giving a nice shoutout to Alo Yoga.

She captioned the post, “swear I was happy? @aloyoga.”

Josie Canseco teams up with RETREAT Magzine for their latest cover

When Josie isn’t cruising along on her rollerblades, she’s expanding her modeling portfolio by teaming up with various companies.

One of her latest successful endeavors involved her collaboration work with RETREAT Magazine.

RETREAT is a company that shares only the best global inspiration through the portrayal of beautiful photographs alongside well-written travel pieces. The company primarily focuses on luxurious travel destinations across the globe, along with highly-rated hotels.

However, the company will even add some beauty tips in their magazine as well to further inspire the perfect beach look.

With that, RETREAT teamed up with Josie, as she was the perfect new face for their latest issue.

Furthermore, Josie was tagged in RETREAT’s Instagram post as they kindly shared some of the mesmerizing shots from the photo shoot.

The first slide featured the model’s cover shot as she was captured from the hips up. Josie donned a pretty pink bikini while she effortlessly glistened in front of a pool.

In the next slide, the blonde beauty was captured posing next to her teal-colored electric scooter while she sported a yellow matching set. The set included a yellow crop top along with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

For her last look, Josie geared up in all orange as she rocked another matching two-piece set. This set included a satin blouse along with a satin miniskirt.

She finalized this last glowing look by adding some flashy gold jewelry and some light touches of shimmery makeup.

Without a doubt, Josie certainly executed every look with absolute ease and elegance as she made her special debut on the cover of RETREAT Magazine.

Interested fans can now head to RETREAT Magazines’ official website to read through the full issue while browsing through the rest of the stellar shots.

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