Josh Duggar appears ‘happy’ in new Instagram family photo

Josh Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional
Josh Duggar is making his way back into the spotlight. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar has been out of the spotlight for nearly four years now. After the molestation scandal broke in 2015, his family nearly lost everything over the course of a few days.

There was a public outcry for TLC to bring back the Duggar family after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled because of Josh Duggar.

What started as Jill and Jessa: Counting On morphed into Counting On where not only has Josh been banned from filming but also Derick Dillard as well.

Where has Josh Duggar been?

After leaving the spotlight (or being forced out), Josh Duggar has taken a break from social media and anything in the public eye. For quite some time he hid but as the talk about the molestation scandal died down, a few photos of him came out.

Anna Duggar has been sharing family photos on Instagram. The latest photo was a picture of their entire family. Josh Duggar was standing with his wife and five children and appeared to be enjoying life.

It was different than other photos in the past, especially because he had made himself so scarce after everything fell apart in 2015.

What is next for Josh Duggar and family?

Supporters of the family are anxious to find out what is next for Josh Duggar and his little (big!) family. It is likely that more children will come along but as of now, Anna Duggar has not announced she is expecting.

As far as Counting On goes, it is unlikely that Josh Duggar will ever air on TLC again. Everything changed back in 2015 and their lives have taken a different course.

He has been working to support the family and so far, it looks like they are managing to get by.

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