Josefine Forsberg hits the gym for first time after sickness

Josefine Forsberg close up
Josefine Forsberg got back in the gym for a workout. Pic credit: @jossanforsberg/Instagram

Josefine Forsberg is back in the gym and looking better than ever following a debilitating sickness that left her unable to work out. 

The 29-year-old Swedish fitness model had been laid up for over a week with migraines and severe pain, with what she referred to as “burning attacks” in several areas of her upper back.

Josefine shared that she thought it could be COVID-19 causing her symptoms, but after a trip to the doctor, she discovered it was a different type of viral illness. 

In a story shared yesterday, she expressed excitement and gratitude over finally being able to work on her fitness again, adding that she’s taking it “superrrrr slow.”

Despite having been under the weather, Josefine looked incredible in red spandex shorts with a black sports bra, her sun-kissed skin and toned muscles showing no signs of deficiency.

She also imparted a bit of wisdom, “building strength in the weak areas and activate my muscles is definitely one of the key to boost the immune system.”

Josefine Forsberg at the gym
Josefine Forsberg’s Instagram Story with her gym selfie. Pic credit: @jossanforsberg/Instagram

Josefine Forsberg shared her recent struggles in a vulnerable post

Earlier this week, Josefine went outside in Tulum wearing a jaw-dropping black bikini to share what’s been going on in her life and her heart. 

The blonde bombshell had a thoughtful, far-away look in her eye as she clutched a black sun hat in her lap.

Oh, and naturally, her makeup looked flawless, with just the right amount to highlight her natural beauty, and her light locks glowed under the sun’s rays.

She celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this month, and as expressed in the caption, her 29th year didn’t exactly start as expected.

Still, despite the health challenges she’s faced, Josefine seems to have found a way to connect even deeper to herself through it all. 

She added a question for her followers, “..and btw! 🙌🏽 When was last time you created space to even ask yourself how your heart is feeling and what it desires from you? ❤️‍🔥 Let’s love ourselves and feel when our souls gets lighter ☁️🌈✨.”

Josefine Forsberg rocked red lingerie in her kitchen to promote Lounge

It’s certainly no secret that Josefine has a rockin’ bod, but she continues to dazzle time and time again with her posts for Lounge. 

With an apple in hand, the social media sensation posed on a kitchen counter wearing a revealing red set by the popular lingerie brand.

While her hair was a total masterpiece in its own right, Josefine’s chiseled physique had no trouble maintaining the spotlight.

She frequently models garments for Lounge on her Instagram page, as the company’s mission to empower women worldwide is what she’s all about.

She captioned the eye-catching share, “Disfruta cada momento ❤️@loungeunderwear,” translating to “Enjoy every moment ❤️.”

While there’s simply no denying that Josefine has been blessed with some outstanding genetics, she also puts in the hard work with her diet and exercise routine.

Still, it’s also refreshing to see that she knows when it’s time to back off and give her body the rest it needs, and now that she’s on the mend, she’ll likely be sharing even more inspiring content.

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