Jose Jose dead: Iconic Mexican singer’s death confirmed by his assistant

Jose Jose dies: Iconic Mexican singer's death
José José has died. Pic credit: Majestic Studios/YouTube

Iconic Mexican singer-songwriter José José died today. The news first broke on social media before the confirmation came from his assistant Laura Nuñez.

José José was 71 at the time of his death, and he passed in Miami, Florida.

José José cause of death

Mexican journalist Carlos Lara Moreno initially announced the death of José José and then received the confirmation from Nuñez, posting both the announcement and the confirmation via his Twitter account.

The cause of death remains unknown at this time, as the news is still breaking. However, José José battled pancreatic cancer for the past few years.

It was Billboard who initially broke the news in 2017 that José José had been diagnosed with cancer.

José José took to YouTube and released a video where he told his fans that he had cancer and was ready to start this new “adventure” with the help of God.

In the video, he revealed there was a small tumor, and other than that he was still well and was ready to fight.

Whether or not the José José death was a result of his battle with cancer has not been confirmed at this time.

Who is José José?

José José is an iconic Mexican singer-songwriter that fans affectionately know as “Príncipe de la Canción.” In 2017, Telemundo offered up a biopic of the legend titled Nace un Ídolo (An Idol is Born).

This biopic followed his journey to the status of “idol” and showed the high price he had to pay to achieve his fame and fortune. Over his career, he was one of Mexico’s greatest balladeers since the ’70s, known to some as the “Prince of Song.”

José José had 20 Hot Latin hits on the Billboard charts with four reaching the number one spot in the rankings. He also had 15 albums hit the Top Latin Albums charts. He sold over 1.8 million albums in the United States as well.

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