Jordyn Woods wears bunny ears and rubber gloves in stunning photo dump

Jordyn Woods attends a premiere.
Jordyn Woods got down on her hands and knees in a sexy bunny suit to scrub the floors. Pic credit: © 

Jordyn Woods got November off to a good start as she shared a massive photo dump from October.

The 25-year-old model, who found herself in hot water with the Kardashian clan after news broke in 2019 that she hooked up with Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson, appeared to be enjoying a little walk down memory lane as October closed and a new month began.

Getting her photo series started with a bang, Jordyn put her most jaw-dropping snap right up front to ensure fans took notice.

Looking flirty in a signature Playboy suit and ears, Jordyn’s look invoked the spirit of actress Reese Witherspoon in her infamous costume party scene from Legally Blonde.

Jordyn made it clear why she was chosen for Playboy’s cover this summer with her October dump as she dominated the screen in her sensual attire.

Although Jordyn’s series showed off a variety of tamer shots, the obvious eye-candy snap remained her chosen first share’s most drool-worthy item.

Jordyn Woods sizzles in bodysuit and bunny ears

Seen crouching down on her hands and knees, Jordyn showed off her upper body curves and figure as she leaned forward slightly to get to work scrubbing a black-and-white-checkered floor.

Looking super glam for her shot, the Shein brand collaborator gave her already-flawless complexion an extra boost with foundation, while her eyelids were shaded with a smoky hue and her lips were tinted in mauve.

Leaving her dark locks down to hang around her face and shoulders in a curly design, Jordyn sat on her knees and reached out to give the color-contrasted tiles a good cleaning with a yellow sponge.

Yellow rubber gloves covered her hands and a silver pail sat next to her.

Though not much of her outfit was visible, bits of pink feathers could be seen sticking out from the bust line of her bodysuit and white calve stockings looked to adorn her lower body.

Posing for the shot in a vintage kitchen, complete with a bubblegum-pink fridge, yellow-tiled walls, pink cabinets, and a pink door, Jordyn really brought her A-game forward for her photo shoot.

Looking svelte and fit, the star clearly knows how to keep her figure looking fit for such occasions.

Jordyn Woods spills her exercise secrets

As shared on her Instagram page, Jordyn has spilled some of the secrets behind her physique in a variety of videos that demonstrate her workout dedication.

Picking a sweat-filled boxing session for one of her social media posts, Jordyn proved that she knows how to step it up and get her heart rate going as she pummeled the punching bag hanging in front of her.

As reported by Eat This, Not That, Jordyn also employs weight training and follows a plant-based diet to keep her figure where she wants it to be.

She has also admitted to doing juice cleanses once in a while if she feels she needs a restart.

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