Jordyn Woods shows off perfect figure in mirror selfie while wearing blue sports bra and yoga pants

Jordyn Woods. 2nd Annual National Film And TV Awards held at Globe Theatre 2019
Jordyn Woods showed off her perfect figure on her Instagram story. Pic credit: ©

Model Jordyn Woods showed fans her perfect figure in a recent Instagram story featuring a blue sports bra and matching blue yoga pants. 

The image is taken in front of a circular mirror that gives fans a look into the background. To her right, fans can see double doors, and if they look closely, they can see a cat sitting in front of the doors next to her. 

Beyond the cat, a closer look allows fans to see her phone, which appears to be another matching blue item and her green nails. 

Maybe Jordyn is just in her blue period, but blue is a color meant for the model as far as fans are concerned. 

Jordyn Woods shows fans her perfect figure in Instagram Story

The clip featured in her story is a short, repetitive video where she sways slightly before the video repeats. 

Her face is covered, but fans can see her perfect figure as she poses in the mirror. The yoga pants accentuate her hips and waistline, while the sports bra shows fans just a hint of cleavage. 

Based on her outfit and incredibly fit figure, fans can only assume that Jordyn is ready to hit the gym for a workout. 

Jordyn Woods posts matching sports bra and yoga outfit on Instagram story
Pic credit: @jordynwoods/Instagram

Jordyn tagged the Instagram account in her Instagram story. FRSTPLACE is a fitness app by Jordyn Woods that offers different training guides to help people get in shape and familiarize people with key exercises to get used to doing before adding more challenging exercises. 

The website calls FRSTPLACE programs “training structures” and offers at least four different guides to get in shape. 

How does Jordyn Woods stay in shape?

Considering Jordyn Woods has her own fitness app, it’s safe to assume that staying in shape and exercising are important to the model. 

Although she has FRSTPLACE, which offers physical exercise tips and general wellness tips, Jordyn has an array of impressive workouts she’s done in the past. 

Some of her more impressive workouts include step-up balancing exercises such as one-legged bent-over rows, high knees, battle-rope squats, and burpees. 

Jordyn has also been known to lift weights and do boxing, but it’s not just her exercise that she focuses on. 

Eat This reports that Jordyn Woods sticks to plant-based foods and has even done one-day juice cleanses in the past. 

Her exact methods aren’t all public, but for fans who are looking to get in shape and make lifestyle changes themselves, the FRSTPLACE app offers more information. 

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