Jono Castano: Who is the fitness trainer behind Rebel Wilson’s weight-loss transformation?

Rebel Wilson's weight-loss is thanks to Jono Castano
Jono Castano is the celebrity personal trainer and Rebel Wilson is one of his clients. Pic credit: @JonoCastano/Instagram

Rebel Wilson’s weight-loss transformation is incredible, and she can thank personal trainer Jono Castano for helping her make 2020 the year of health.

Jono shocked fans of the Pitch Perfect actress when he posted a photo on Instagram of him standing next to Rebel, showing off her slim physique. She looks fantastic but is unrecognizable at first. He also shared a video of Rebel crushing her workout.

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At the start of 2020, Rebel shared this was the year health would be her priority. She encouraged her fans to make positive changes this year, too.

Rebel admitted she got a jump start on her weight-loss transformation thanks to starring in the film Cats. The actress told Entertainment Tonight she lost 8lbs in four days while working on the film thanks to the hot sets and dance sequences.

News of Rebel’s weight-loss transformation soon went viral, with many social media users wanting to know more about her fitness trainer.

Who is Jono Castano?

Jono Castano is the man Rebel Wilson enlisted to help her lose weight. According to his Instagram profile, Jono is a transformation trainer for Men’s Health Australia, but that is only one of his many jobs related to fitness.

His bio also includes a link to the Acero training series, which is a six-week body transformation challenge. The online program is intense and is designed to help push anyone outside their comfort zone. It is described as a “mixture of compound and HIIT exercises that use more muscle mass and achieve better results.” The program can be done via an app.

The fitness guru is from Sydney, Australia. Jono is considered an influencer, who started blogging and using #onecommunity to create a positive community across social media.

Like Rebel, Jono is all about living a positive life. Helping people understand fitness in a general format is also one of Jono’s goals, and social media has become a big part of helping him educate people.

Sydney’s personal trainer to the stars, as Jono is called in Australia, is also a married man. His wife, Amy is also into fitness.

Those who need proof that Jono Castano knows what he is talking about when it comes to fitness should check out the weight-loss transformation of Rebel Wilson. The proof is in her astonishing results.

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