Jon Hill divorce: Singer talks about split from Jaclyn Hill

Jon Hill and Jaclyn
Jon Hill has broken his silence about his divorce from Jaclyn. Pic credit: @jonhill822/Instagram

Jon Hill is speaking out about his divorce from Jaclyn Hill. After months of silence from them both, the famous drummer has opened up about why their nine-year marriage came to an end this year.

In an interview with Substream Magazine, Hill reveals that there were several factors that led to their divorce.

“Nothing against her, think it had to do with me. I’ve had addiction problems since I was eighteen, and now I’m five months clean. A lot of it was just pain I put her through — I could have been a lot better of a husband. And her fame kind of taking off just didn’t really help, it made that extravagant life and kind of drug life and material stuff more appealing,” he reveals, pointing to Jaclyn’s growing fame with YouTube and her makeup artistry.

“In the end, it kind of just became more like roommates and less like husband and wife. I relapsed back in December and I was keeping it from her for a while, and I knew once I fell back into it, it was inevitable that it would come to the surface at that point.”

Even though he wanted to make the marriage work, it seemed that she had already moved on emotionally. Hill explains that he realized he could have been a better husband and a better partner to her throughout their marriage, especially near the end. It seems that one of his biggest regrets is not showing her that he cared.

It was Jaclyn who announced the divorce on Instagram, revealing that she and Jon had decided to end their marriage, but provided no immediate reason for the decision. Her statement was vague and positive, sharing that they simply knew it was the best reason and that she still loved him.

At the time, Jon Hill didn’t say anything about the divorce. In his interview, he reveals that he learned about the divorce in rehab. When he came home, he found out that all of his belongings had been moved out of their shared house.

Later, rumors would surface that cheating and lying had been the reason for their divorce. On July, almost two months after the first divorce announcement, Jaclyn took to Twitter, explaining that she never cheated on Jon and she didn’t appreciate people digging up dirt about their private lives.

She had previously talked about how she hated cheaters and liars, making the world think that he cheated on her.

Hill revealed during the interview that he would lie about his sobriety, telling her and his family that he had been clean for x-amount of months when that wasn’t the case. Perhaps this is what she was referring to when she was talking about cheaters and liars — cheating in his sobriety and lying to his loved ones about it.

However, it seems that they have bickered on social media after their split. The two started seeing other people and Jon seemed to make fun of Jaclyn moving on with a new man. Clevver News summed up their back-and-forth bickering in the video below.

People appeared to be shocked that the two were getting a divorce, as the news appeared to be coming out of nowhere. In the interview, Jon opens up about his addiction problems, but he also talks about the image that they would project to the world — a perfectly happy couple.

“We had this public image and everyone looked at us like this perfect married couple and we were both fighting to keep that and we hoped it would work out. And fighting to keep that perfect image kind of played into this ‘We have to work this out, if we divorce’ — she talked about it a lot, I never did, I was terrified of life without her — with her doing that, I felt like it was the end of the world,” he explains.

Jaclyn Hill opened up about their divorce in a YouTube video, talking about that public image that they had portrayed via social media.

In the end, Jon puts the blame on himself, revealing that his addiction issues and him not showing his wife that he cared resulted in her leaving him behind. The drummer also explains that her rising fame didn’t help in their marriage.

Now that he’s out of rehab and has been sober for five months, he’s putting his energy into his music.

Jon Hill is releasing his new album, Rebirth, as The Jon Hill Project on January 11, 2019.

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