Jon Francetic engaged to Dr. Jessica Griffin from Married at First Sight

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin's engagement at the Grand Canyon
Jon Francetic announced his engagement to Dr. Jessica after news that she was leaving Married at First Sight. Pic credit: @jon_francetic/Instagram

Jon Francetic of Married at First Sight fame shared some huge news with his Instagram followers on Sunday morning — after getting engaged! He’s about to be a married man again after proposing to Dr. Jessica Griffin on Saturday at the Grand Canyon.

The now-divorced star from Season 6 of Married at First Sight shared the following photo and message to announce that he was ready to take the next step with Dr. Jessica, who is reported to be leaving the Lifetime series after Season 8.

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A post shared by Jon Francetic (@jon_francetic)

“I just love how happy she looks. ? Oh, and we got engaged at the Grand Canyon yesterday! And now @dr.jessicagriffinis mine foreverrrr #shesmine #nervouswreck@grandcanyonadventures.”

The engagement announcement comes amid speculation as to why Dr. Jessica chose to leave the Married at First Sight franchise. Reports indicate that it had to do with her decision to go public with her relationship with Jon. Others believe that she left due to creative differences and changes to the series format that she didn’t agree with.

Either way, it’s clear that Dr. Jessica and Jon are very happy together. We wish them the best!

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