JoJo Siwa shares support for Miley Cyrus in hilarious video

JoJo Siwa attends iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball
JoJo Siwa showed her love for Miley Cyrus’s song, Flowers, with a hilarious video. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

JoJo Siwa looked stunning as she daydreamed about Miley Cyrus in a variety of outfits. The 19-year-old dancer and singer posted the video on Friday to share her reaction to Cyrus’s new song, Flowers.

Evidently, Siwa liked the song so much that she could barely complete basic tasks because she kept getting distracted thinking about Cyrus. The hilarious video played out to the tune of Cyrus’s Flowers and had scenes from the song’s music video popping up in Siwa’s mind.

The video opened up with Siwa looking stunning in the shower in a pink bikini and white choker necklace. Her damp hair was pulled back from her face as she tilted her head back and smiled while thinking of Flowers.

She was so lost in her daydream that she used a little more soap than necessary. In the next scene, she struck a more casual look in a grey t-shirt with her hair tied back in a ponytail.

Still distracted, she accidentally overfilled her cereal bowl with cereal and milk. When she tried to take a drink of water in her distracted state, it simply ran down her chin to the floor.

Siwa continued to be lost in her dream as she tied her shoes and forgot about the work she was supposed to be doing on her laptop.

JoJo Siwa showed support for Miley Cyrus in the best way

The hilarious video was also a very sweet way for Siwa to show support for her friend Cyrus. Cyrus just released her single Flowers on the 13th and has been eagerly promoting the song in recent days.

In the caption of her post, Siwa joked that the video was a representation of her trying to do anything with Flowers on her mind.

Siwa fangirling over Cyrus’s new song is just the latest development in the singers’ adorable friendship. Their friendship started in early 2020 when they met for the first time at Cyrus’s rehearsal.

Siwa revealed that she had been a fan of Cyrus for years and finally got to meet her after receiving an invitation to attend her rehearsal. She called their meeting the “best 2 hours” of her life and shared photos of them bonding.

Cyrus has seemingly remained a huge inspiration to Siwa nearly three years after their meeting. Since then, she has continued to express her love and support for Cyrus.

Her video was perhaps the most brilliant and hilarious support she could’ve offered Cyrus upon the release of her new single.

Siwa has partnered with Ocean Spray

With her humor, style, and enormous social media following, Siwa is a strong candidate for brand deals. One of her most prominent brand partnerships is with Ocean Spray.

Their partnership has largely taken the form of a new and unique TikTok campaign. As Siwa demonstrated in November of 2022, TikTok users can duet with Ocean Spray to their Wiggle, Wiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle tune with a filter.

The filter allows TikTok users to “wiggle” and “jiggle” just like cranberry sauce, as half of the screen actually is a giant wiggling serving of cranberry sauce.


#duet with @oceanspray #jigglewithus into the holidays, aka Ocean Spray cranberry sauce season!!! Because my holidays are anything but boring. Show me what you got. #ad

♬ Wiggle Wiggle Jiggle Jiggle – Ocean Spray Inc.

Getting Siwa on board to represent the brand and using a TikTok filter and duet to promote it is a strong strategy for Ocean Spray. This is because the brand is seeking to make cranberry sauce more appealing to the younger generation.

Ocean Spray’s head of marketing, Dan Hamilton, stated, “With a newfound appreciation and deeper understanding of the brand, we found Gen Z beginning to relinquish previous perceptions of Ocean Spray as something only their parents drank or that their family ate at Thanksgiving.”

With her following of young folks and willingness to perform cranberry sauce-inspired dances, Siwa’s partnership with Ocean Spray is off to a strong start.

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