JoJo shows off incredible curves in her undies

Close up shot of jojo levesque
Singer JoJo Joanna Noelle Levesque poses in her underwear for a mirror selfie. Pic credit: ©

JoJo rocked underwear gifted to her in a care package, and she couldn’t help but bless her followers with a peek.

JoJo took to social media to post a gorgeous mirror selfie as she posed in her underwear.

She admired her reflection in the mirror and captured the moment with a sweet pose in a beautifully designed room.

The singer looked like a curvy queen with high-waisted underwear and a matching sports bra as she posed in the dressing room.

JoJo wore her hair in a center part, and she had it styled in a low bun.

JoJo, who had a phone in one hand and placed the other hand on a desk for stability, looked natural and beautiful in the shots as she stood on her tippy-toes.

JoJo poses in underwear for sultry selfie

JoJo’s phone covered the side of her chin, but her beauty was apparent in the shots.

With delicate features and striking eyes, JoJo had a presence that was unmistakable.

Behind JoJo, there were large windows with blinds pulled up to let in natural light, lending a feeling of openness and space.

jojo underwear
Pic credit: @iamjojo/Instagram

There was a couch and also a chair situated around a marble table, with one seat accommodating a notebook. The wall-papered walls added to the elegant feel of the pictures.

She wrote in white text over the photo, “@yitty under my sweats today thanks for the care package boo @lizzobeating.” She added a heart emoji for extra love.

After being sidelined for years due to a legal battle, singer Jojo has finally returned and is enjoying a comeback.

JoJo was merely a child at only 12 years old when she first signed a seven-album deal in 2004.

Unfortunately, JoJo was unable to get out of her contract, and her legal battles against Da Family Entertainment/Blackground began in 2009, just five years after she burst onto the scene with Leave (Get Out.)

This experience undoubtedly put any momentum that JoJo had enjoyed to a halt as she battled it out with the label. The singer was unable to produce new music, which was a huge disappointment to her fans, who had been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to The High Road.

Ten years later, she came back with a third studio album, Mad Love, after a decade-long battle. She released her fourth album in 2020, Good To Know.

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