Joan Smalls in tight pink catsuit leans back for mirror selfie

Joan Smalls at Academy Awards in 2020
Joan Smalls arriving at the Academy Awards. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Joan Smalls knows how to stun the crowd for fashion week. The supermodel shared her runway-ready look with her fans earlier this week.  

The model posted a photo carousel where she had her sultry elevator selfie front and center.

Always one to show off her model curves, Joan posed in her skin-tight catsuit that looked like it was perfectly painted on.  

Joan didn’t stop there. She accessorized her outfit with a chic matching embroidered jacket that refined the overall look. 

With her show-stopping outfit, she kept her hair simple with a sleek pulled-back bun. Her makeup highlighted her bold lipstick and bleached brows to add to her high-fashion look.  

Her outfit was so gorgeous she had to add more than one photo of it to the Instagram post. She took another selfie in the catsuit, but this time with her friends Lenny Santiago and Dor Dvir. 

Joan has been seen all over Paris Fashion Week, showing off her luxury looks. Always making time to say hello to her friends, Joan has previously been spotted with Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss.

Joan Smalls is focused on activism 

Some might not realize that the supermodel is not just focused on fashion. Joan is very serious about activism.

In 2020, she joined the platform Donate My Wage, where she pledged half of her income for the remainder of that year. The goal was to utilize her funds and donate them to different charities aligned with Black Lives Matter and their goals.  

“I knew that I wanted and had to do more,” said Joan in a WWD interview. “Donating a portion of my salary will make an impact, but I wanted to do something that gave anyone and everyone the opportunity to act and donate.” 

She continued and said her goal is that the organization “will help educate those who are interested in being an active participant in the Black Lives Matter movement and bring needed attention to organizations that require monetary support to continue their important work.” 

Joan Smalls just finished a huge music video 

When she is not enjoying the frills of fashion week and changing the world, Joan Smalls can be seen in the music video for All Mine by Brent Faiyaz.  

This is the latest single for the RnB singer. He tells the story of two lovers meeting again after a long time apart.  

In the black and white music video, Joan gets increasingly frustrated as she waits for her love interest, Faiyaz.  

While audiences cannot hear any dialogue in the video, the ex Victoria’s Secret model was very emotive and sold the idea that she could be in love and hurt by the All Mine singer.

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