Jiu-Jitsu champion Gezary Matuda goes sparkly for a carnival

Gezary Matuda close up
Gezary Matuda sparkles for a special occasion. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Jiu-Jitsu champion Gezary Matuda embraced her inner fashion queen for a magnificent event.

Gezary captioned her look, “O maior espetáculo da terra,” which translates in English to “the biggest show on Earth.”

The star went all out for the occasion, clad in a sparkling diamond bodice that let her truly shine.

A sky-blue dress attached to the wire string of the bodice, leaving large cutouts in between.

The fashionable dress cropped at her upper thighs and allowed the camera to capture her muscular legs.

The athlete’s matching fingerless gloves that ran all the way up to her elbows perfectly matched the blue of the dress.

Gezary literally elevated her outfit with black platform heels, which gave her an extra air of fashion along with the extra height.

The black belt accessorized her look simply with long dangling earrings that sparkled and shined with diamonds.

Gezary let her luscious dark hair down and parted to the side. The enviable locks tumbled over her shoulders in a perfect waterfall.

Her makeup was to die for with dark blue eyeshadow that mimicked winged liner and donned sparkling glitter over it — perfect for the occasion.

Gezary Matuda models for Bella Brava

Gezary’s athletic build, successful career, and impeccable taste in fashion make her a great choice to model for big-name brands.

The World Champion promoted a bikini set by Bella Brave, and she looked absolutely amazing, as it showed off her toned legs and fit physique.

The black bikini featured white spaghetti straps for the top and white trimming on the bottoms.

Bella Brava is a sustainable fashion company that sells a variety of cute bikini options like the one that Gezary modeled.

The brand was likely happy with Gezary’s promotion, as she shared it with her 209,000 followers, and it received thousands of likes.

Gezary Matuda stuns on the beach

Gezary is often busy with her flourishing career and her brand partnerships, but she makes sure to schedule the time to relax and unwind.

The competitor shared a stunning beach photo in a beautiful white bikini. She was surrounded by gorgeous white sands turquoise water, and all under a clear blue sky.

She flashed a genuine and warm smile, and it was clear that Gezary was in her happy place.

She paired the white bikini with a camo hat to protect her face from the searing sun.

The post earned thousands of likes and was flooded with comments.

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