Jiu Jitsu champ Gezary Matuda shows off insane fitness with a mirror selfie

Gezary Matuda in a mirror selfie
Gezary Matuda looked amazing in her latest mirror selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Jiu Jitsu champion Gezary Matuda decided to take a break from training to snap a daring photo.

Gezary was in her room looking gorgeous as ever in a black sports bra that had pink lining under the bust. To show off her toned abs, she paired the bra with a pair of midrise spandex leggings that fit her curves perfectly. 

The prized athlete decided to ditch the makeup for the day and take a picture with her natural features. 

The Brazilian native decided to put her long hair into a messy ponytail to keep her hair out of her face.  

Gezary posted the picture looking just as excited to see her toned physique as her fans.

The Jiu Jitsu star can be seen on Instagram constantly finding new ways to stay active and in shape.

Gezary Matuda in the mirror
Gezary Matuda taking a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda stays in shape with ALLMAX Naturals 

Gezary Matuda is constantly moving and partaking in different activities. Known to be active, ALLMAX Naturals decided to work with Gezary to promote its newest line of protein bars.  

The athlete was in front of a soccer field, smiling from ear to ear in a blue sports bra that was outlined with black material. She paired it with black spandex leggings that fit her perfectly and opted for no makeup or shoes to promote the product.

Gezary took to Instagram to explain why she eats protein bars and told fans which flavor is her favorite.

“I absolutely love the taste of these bars,” she told her followers.  

She continued, “The peanut butter has creamy texture the white chocolate add sweetness, and the cracker balance the cream into a perfect experience. It has high amount of protein so it’s great to eat before or after the workout.” 

Gezary Matuda shows three versions of herself  

Gezary took to Instagram to let her fans know that she has many different layers to her. Showing off different styles, she aimed to show off her style versatility. 

The first outfit the champion wore was a black strapless bralette with a matching pencil skirt. To fight the fall breeze, she kept a black blazer on to contend with the cold. She let her hair down and added black sandals to complete the look.  

She then showed off her Jiu Jitsu outfit, which many fans know and love. The black belt holder folded her arms and posed, looking completely in her element.  

In the last outfit, she looked adorable in a black crop top, denim Daisy Dukes, and sneakers while picking out flowers. 

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