Jiu Jitsu champ Gezary Matuda shares her love for Brazil during Carnival festivities

Gezary Matuda poses in her jiu jitsu robe.
Gezary Matuda got in touch with her fun side as she enjoyed time at a Brazilian carnival. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Jiu-Jitsu champion Gezary Matuda has continued to hold her followers captive with her stunning social media posts, and her latest share is no exception.

The 39-year-old winner of the 2017 International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) European Open Championship appeared to revel in the Rio Carnival in her home country of Brazil as she shared more stunning snaps from her time at the event.

Having previously rocked a jeweled bra bodysuit for her time at the nine-day-long festival, Gezary switched up her vibe in her latest post as she dazzled in a jaw-dropping bodysuit.

Sharing two posts of her newest ensemble, Gezary kicked things off with a video clip of herself in the attire as she twirled around in what looked like her home hallway to show off every angle of the garment.

Gezary wore her black hair up in a high ponytail that swung gracefully from side to side as she spun for the camera, the glitzy fringe strings adding pops of sparkle and shine to the otherwise-dark suit.

The bodysuit, which looked like a cross between a leotard and a dress, sported straps that ran back from the top of her shoulders and culminated at her mid-back, tying together with a thin string that ran horizontally from her back rib cage.

Gezary Matuda poses in a stunning bodysuit for more Carnival fun

In a second post shared by the athlete, Gezary showed a look at the actual event as she posed alongside Jiu-Jitsu black belt Bruno Malfacine.

Starting the six-part series with a sweet snap of the duo sharing a side hug in front of a towering structure illuminated by red lights, Gezary showed off heeled black boots that decorated her legs from the calves down.

Shot number two let Gezary’s beauty shine through as she beamed at the lens, brightening the scenery, with her pearly whites and entrancing elegance taking center stage.

Gezary shared a clip and a picture of some of the Carnival’s festivities, showing a stunning wired sculpture of a giant horse and its knight rider moving up and down with an impressive hydraulic system.

The champ then showed two more shots of herself in her amazing wear before throwing in a look at some ornate head sculptures.

When the athlete isn’t off getting in her fun at Carnivals or hitting the beach for volleyball time with friends, Gezary often uses her Instagram platform to promote the wellness brand Allmax.

Gezary Matuda promotes Allmax Nutrition

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Gezary often takes her love of fitness to the internet as she supports the Allmax Nutrition brand by sharing tidbits about her favorite products.

Taking to the web in December for another promotional post, Gezary looked flawless in a colorful workout top and matching shorts as she held a smoothie container in front of her with the Allmax label on it.

Beaming for the camera, Gezary captioned the shot with a shout-out to Allmax for giving her the energy she needed to prepare for an upcoming workout session.

A look at the Allmax site shows that the label sells a variety of products aimed at helping athletes to get the support they need to either prepare for a workout or recover from one.

Protein powders range in price from just $1.99 for a sample packet to $69.99 for the Allmass: Advanced Muscle Gainer.

Other products include a green powder for $49.99 and a collagen powder for $29.99, while vitamin blends like the Omega 3 bottle and the ZMX Supplements & Vitamins tub sell for $15.99 and $12.99, respectively.

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