Jiu Jitsu champ Gezary Matuda looks incredible as she poses in bikini

Gazary Matuda in a mirror selfie
Gezary Matuda looked amazing in her latest mirror selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda is going to leave a lasting impression on Brazil. The jiu-jitsu champion did a beautiful photoshoot as she bid Brazil goodbye. 

The Brazilian native was seen on top of a balcony overlooking the city of Rio De Janeiro. The athlete was barefaced and looked stunning as ever. 

She posed in a knit top that cut off right at her waist to show off her toned abs. The top was green and yellow to mimic the Brazilian flag. It sported a halter neckline and had an exposed back for added appeal to the look.  

Instead of matching her top, she paired the top with a white string bikini.  

She let her hair down, letting it flow in the wind as she took the photo. 

Gezary took multiple photos while on the balcony and called on her fans to decide which image should be her profile picture. 

Gezary Matuda looked like a knockout on her first night in Brazil 

While her trip was only for a week, she showed off her style the entire time she was there. 

During her first night in Brazil, she wore a striking black bodysuit. The body suit had strategic cutouts throughout her torso, showing off her toned abs. The top had an asymmetrical neckline with long flowing sleeves. She paired it with denim cut-off shorts that frayed at the hem. Gezary added black boots to match her top. 

She left her long hair down and kept her makeup minimal with neutral eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

Gezary Matuda added yoga to her fitness routine  

Gezary is known as a world champion around the world. However, she admitted recently that she added a new challenge to her fitness routine, yoga. When talking to Jiu-Jitsu Times, she said this brought her most significant learning experience. 

“It made a huge change in my mindset,” said Gezary. “Because it’s super hard and always boring! In my first yoga class, the teacher looked at me – while I was shaking, trying to hold a pose – and asked, ‘you’re a jiu-jitsu fighter, yeah?’” 

When her yoga instructor saw her struggling, he convinced her to let the pose go and not be too hard on herself. Yoga caused her to shift into a different mindset that she is typically not exposed to when she does jiu-jitsu. This helped her create balance as a fighter and embrace a softer side.  

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