Jinger Duggar’s baby bump photo has fans begging for more

Jinger Duggar with Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna, in a picture they shared on social media

Jinger Duggar has gotten a lot of attention since getting married to Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, and it was recently revealed that the pair are expecting a little girl.

Now she has shared a picture of her growing baby bump on Instagram — sending Counting On fans wild, many of them demanding she needs her own show.

Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo live in Laredo, Texas, far away from the main Duggar compound in Arkansas which makes filming Counting On incredibly hard.

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There are concerns among fans as to whether or not Jinger Duggar’s first child will be included on the show at all. If not, some will be devastated.

But TLC knows babies and weddings bring viewers so they will no doubt work it in some way, possibly with a special dedicated to baby Vuolo when she is born.

Giving Jinger Duggar her own show would be welcomed by fans, but is unlikely. With rumored competition among the sisters already, it could cause a lot of unnecessary drama.

Jinger enjoyed married life for nearly a year before she and Jeremy decided it was time to expand their family, and news of her pregnancy was celebrated when it was announced.

This kind of wait isn’t something fans are used to, especially after seeing siblings married before Jinger have more than one child. Joy-Anna Duggar, who was married after her, welcomed her first child back in February.

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