Jill Duggar gets slammed after posting about women’s voting rights

Jill Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jill Duggar had tea at the governor’s mansion. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar has been steadily making headlines. From her wacky recipes to her anniversary post about bedroom games, it seems there is never a dull moment in her life.

Yesterday, Jill Duggar went to tea at the governor’s mansion. The visit was in honor of Women’s suffrage as it has been 100 years since women were legally allowed to vote. The comments on the photos she shared were all over the place from support to criticism.

Remember, Jill Duggar was raised with parents who believe that the patriarch of the family dictates everything. The woman is to be made readily available for her husband, at all times. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have talked a lot about their marriage and she always stresses quality time spent with your spouse.

Some of the comments on Jill Duggar’s Instagram post have called her out for being a hypocrite and one mentioned that she was supporting 100 years since white women were able to vote as black women didn’t get that right until several decades later. Of course, she has not responded to the critics, some of whom made valid points.

Jill Duggar's Instagram post
Jill Duggar ran into some critics on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/jillmdillard

While Jill Duggar was away, Derick Dillard jumped on Instagram live again. He was home with the boys who had woken up from a nap. To entertain them, he put on YouTube videos of people preparing bacon. The critics went out in full force on him too, though that is a normal thing for him at this point.

There has been some speculation that Derick Dillard may be interested in a political run, especially given his law school studies. Could he be wanting to follow in Jim Bob Duggar’s footsteps?

The family is very conservative and it’s no secret that her father was a career politician. So Jill’s meeting could be the start of another political career path for the family. Whether that is the case or not, Jill Duggar talking about women’s rights was definitely controversial.

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