Jessie James Decker stuns in a bodysuit and leather for a Kittenish try-on

Jessie James Decker poses for a selfie in the car
Jessie James Decker looked stunning as she paired up some Kittenish pieces into a gorgeous outfit. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker stunned in a get-ready-with-me video that saw her pair several pieces from her Kittenish clothing brand. The 34-year-old country singer got dressed for the day to the theme of Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary song.

She started showing off her incredible figure by wearing just Kittenish’s Stay Simple Bodysuit. The tight bodysuit made a strong foundation for her outfit with its solid black color and long sleeves.

Decker then added the She’s A Flirt Mini Skirt to her look. The high-waisted plaid miniskirt zipped up from the side and paired nicely with the black bodysuit.

Her bodysuit and skirt could’ve stood alone for a simple but stylish look. However, Decker further accessorized it by adding a slightly edgy touch with an unzipped leather jacket over her bodysuit.

The jacket was the Get It Together Leather Blazer from Kittenish that added an edgy business flair to the ensemble. Decker added black sunglasses over her eyes and donned a pair of black stiletto-heeled boots.

The post urged customers to get Decker’s look before they sold out, with the miniskirt and jacket already showing limited sizes and availability.

Jessie James Decker promotes her Kittenish brand by modeling

Decker looked like a natural as she modeled her Kittenish style in her latest video. Her movements were fluid, and her style impeccable as she flicked her sunglasses over her eyes.

Since Kittenish launched in 2014, one of Decker’s strategies to promote the brand has been modeling her looks. She boasts nearly 5 million followers between her main Instagram page and Kittenish page, meaning her posts have far reach.

She catches attention with her gorgeous photo shoots and videos while piquing the interest of her fans who want to look like her.

She has recently upped her Kittenish promotions in light of the holiday season and the brand’s growth. While Kittenish started as a collaboration in 2014, it has grown into a full-fledged brand with a strong e-commerce presence and many brick-and-mortar stores.

Decker’s passion and success in growing Kittenish aren’t surprising, considering that owning a clothing line was a dream she has had since childhood.

She stated, “I had a vision of what I wanted it to be and I love the way it turned out.”

Her brand has been flourishing lately, as she continues adding new collections which tend to sell out fast, as she warned in her most recent video.

Decker recently hosted New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Decker’s career has been flourishing in many different directions lately. After spending 2022 growing her business, competing in Dancing with the Stars, and releasing new music, she went out with a bang by hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

The annual TV special has been going on since 1951 and brings millions of views each year. Since the passing of Dick Clark in 2012, Ryan Seacrest has continued the legacy of his program by serving as the main host.

Decker was invited to co-host New Year’s Rockin’ Eve alongside Seacrest this year. In the days leading up to the show, she posed in a stunning sparkly bodysuit to pop champagne and encourage folks to tune in.

On the day of, she donned an even flashier ensemble as she was tasked with announcing the first Powerball winner of 2023.

Amidst the celebrations, Decker revealed that her goal for 2023 was to work less and spend more time with her family. She had an exciting year in 2022 with a strong ending, meaning she earned a more relaxing year in 2023.

However, with her music career and business growing, she will likely have at least a few intriguing projects in the New Year.

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