Jessie James Decker shows off fit physique in string bikini, cardigan dress

Eric and Jessie James Decker at the 53rd Annual Country Music Awards
Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker at the 53rd Annual CMA Awards, Country Music’s Biggest Night, held at Music City Center. Pic credit: ©

Country singer and clothing entrepreneur Jesse James Decker stunned fans while showing off her figure this week.

The star’s Instagram posts include one in a form-fitting cardigan dress from her own clothing line, a string bikini in Cabo, and a “revenge body” suit.

Jesse James Decker’s bikini in Cabo

On Tuesday, Decker posted a photo of herself lounging on a set of stairs in Cabo.

She has her legs stretched out and a hand behind her head, looking totally relaxed while posing for the camera.

Her caption reads, “When you see this photo you may see thirst trap, but what I see is 10 women behind it hyping it up in Cabo. We all took turns taking sexy photos of each other on the beach for fun and it made me smile so much to see all of us girls cheering each other on!”

While the photo does appear like a thirst trap at first glance, she goes on to reinforce the notion that this wasn’t a photo taken just for attention, this photo is about women supporting women.

Many fans and commenters couldn’t help but notice the plunging neckline of the bikini top that shows off Decker’s assets. However, this may be slightly intentional.

Decker posted on Instagram earlier this year, stating that she had gotten her breast size increased through cosmetic surgery.

She notes that she had a reduction a couple of years ago but wanted them back- so she had them done.

This isn’t the only photo she’s posted this week that shows off her form as she showed off another plunging neckline look while modeling a dress from her clothing line, Kittenish.

Jessie James Decker stuns fans in plunging cardigan dress

To celebrate the launch of some of Kittenish’s newest winter arrivals, Jessie James Decker modeled some of the outfits herself.

Most notably, fans got to see her in the Kittenish Snowfall Long Button-Down Knit Cardigan Dress.

The dress hugs the singer’s form as she poses in the partially-buttoned dress.

Although the dress does have its top button buttoned, the plunge of this cardigan dress caught the attention of many fans, both for Jessie James Decker’s beauty and how much they enjoy the dress.

Although Decker’s cardigan dress gives fans a good look at her fit physique, fans got another look at her toned legs in a video she posted of her “revenge body.”

Jessie James Decker’s revenge body suit

Decker sets the stage for this video of herself singing her song Should Have Known Better in a white button-up shirt.

She holds the shirt together over her chest as she sings before throwing it off to show off the big reveal: A swimsuit designed to look like a hairy torso, complete with back hair and nipples.

While fans ate up the comedic value of her performance, they also got to see her toned and muscular legs while she strutted in heels.

Even this hairy suit featured a neckline that showed off her cleavage and accentuated her curves, leaving fans with mixed feelings based on the suit’s design.

Despite Decker using the hashtag “break up anthem of the year,” she and her husband, Eric Decker, are still happily married, and there are no signs of them splitting up or taking a break any time soon. The couple is so happy together that Travis Kelce from Catching Kelce has even asked them before what their secret is to their lasting relationship.

Regardless, for many fans, Should Have Known Better is still the break-up anthem of the year, but they aren’t breaking up with Jessie James Decker any time soon.

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