Jessie James Decker shows off curves for Kittenish

Jessie James Decker selfie.
Jessie James Decker modeled some Kittenish outfits. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker isn’t afraid to show off her curves.

The recent Dancing with the Stars competitor did just that as she shared outfit pairings with her followers.

Her brand Kittenish released a few new items that would work as staple pieces, and Jessie was excited to share them with the world.

After pulling double duty this year, performing for venues, and competing on Dancing with the Stars, the blonde went makeup-free to show off some products she loves.

With the holidays just days away, the pieces Jessie wanted to share could be worn in various ways, as she shared on her Instagram Stories.

As she was sharing her styles and outfits, her curves were enviable.

Jessie James Decker's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @essiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker and Kittenish

Jessie James Decker is somewhat of a jack of all trades.

Not only does she sing and dance, but she also acts and is a best-selling author. Of course, you can add business owner to her list too.

Kittenish is Jessie’s dream, and it all became a reality in 2014.

When putting together the about page on the brand’s website, Jessie added, “I was waiting for the perfect moment and opportunity, as far as location goes, and a spot opened up in The Gulch, and spots never open up in The Gulch,” she said. I was like, ‘That is it. That is the spot.’ That was a sign that it was time.”

The Gulch is a very upscale place in Nashville, filled with nice hotels and boutiques. It was the beginning for Jessie, and now she and her brand are thriving. Not only is there a physical shop in Nashville, but there are also three locations where you can walk into a Kittenish store. Dallas, Tampa, and Scottsdale all have storefronts.

Jessie James Decker collabs with Billy Currington

A few weeks ago, Jessie James Decker and Billy Currington debuted their song I Still Love You.

It is a hit on country radio, and as of earlier this month, it was streamed over 4 million times. This is a big deal for Jessie, especially coming off a year with many other highs.

Jessie James Decker is on track to have another stellar year with a new song and a growing fan base. As 2022 closes, she is showing off some of her best picks from Kittenish and her curves in the process.

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