Jessie James Decker shares her ‘everlasting love’ in Kittenish brand promotion

Jessie James Decker poses at the AMAs.
Jessie James Decker brought the heat as she stunned in a pink bikini. Pic credit: ©

Jessie James Decker knows how to bring attention to her fashion brand Kittenish; her recent share was no exception.

The 34-year-old singer of hits such as I Still Love You and Flip My Hair has shown in the past that she is not shy about talking up her clothing line to bring in more sales, and the brunette was at it again this week with another stunning post.

Wearing a pink bikini that seems to be her signature swim style lately, Jessie showed off her toned physique in the two-piece while stretching out poolside.

“This will be an everlasting love👙🌴☀️ TOMORROW ~ Kittenish Swim ‘23 drops at noon CT,” she captioned the video clip before tagging Kittenish and adding that the new swim line will be coming out soon.

While Jessie looked as stunning as always, her surroundings were equally gorgeous as she gave the web major R&R vibes.

Clean, cool-looking water rolled gently in front of her as she lay out in the sun, and a small table sat near her, ready with a glass of water and slices of lemon for refreshment.

The song This Will Be played over the clip, adding a peppy and fun feel to the post while Jessie aimed ahead to the warmer months around the corner.

This is not the first time Jessie has used her social media platforms to boost Kittenish, with the star having recently jumped online to share that the line had launched its pre-spring collection just before the official turn of the season.

Jessie James Decker shares that Kittenish has launched its pre-spring line

Earlier this year, Jessie took her business promotional skills to Instagram again as she informed her followers that Kittenish would be releasing its spring collection early.

First modeling the $52 Sassy Girl Mini Dress in a lilac hue, Jessie snapped a selfie from what looked like her own living room.

Jessie also sported a $58 lime-green romper, which seems to be a standard in many celebrity clothing lines, with stars like Jessica Simpson joining in on the trend.

The singer later donned a pair of flowy Sweetie Pie Linen Pants, which ring up for $46, to tie up her promotional post.

While Jessie does employ models to help show off each style in her brand, Jessie is often the one doing the wearing, and fans well-know that their favorite musician has nailed down her exercise routine to keep her body in shape.

Jessie James Decker makes fitness her priority

As reported by Eat This, Not That! Jessie has shared some of her fitness secrets via her Instagram page, and followers might be surprised by some of Jessie’s revelations.

“I work out 3 to 4 times a week, and they pretty much look like this with certain variations whether we’re doing more upper body or lower body,” she explained, sharing a clip of herself using dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, and more.

While the number of workout days Jessie employs might sound shockingly minimal compared to what other celebs often do daily to maintain their figures, Jessie does not solely rely on hitting the gym to stay healthy.

She admitted to skipping breakfast most of the time and going for protein-packed and sometimes carb-heavy lunches and dinners.

When she doesn’t need to be mindful of her weight, Jessie said she loves snacking on chips and salsa.

When trying to be more mindful of her figure, she pops in homemade protein balls for snacks to stay full and fueled for the day.

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